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Jett Travolta Autopsy May Never Be Public

1/5/2009 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jett TravoltaThe Ministry of Health in the Bahamas tells TMZ the autopsy findings in the death of John Travolta's son may never be public.

Dr. Hubert Minnis says a pathologist at Rand Memorial Hospital (where Jett Travolta was pronounced dead) is currently performing the autopsy, which should take several hours. Dr. Minnis says he personally decided, because of the high profile nature of the case, to bring in a second pathologist from Nassau, Dr. Karen Sands. Dr. Minnis made a point to us that Dr. Sands is an American.

The doctor says once the pathologists complete a preliminary report, it's forwarded on to a coroner. The coroner then forwards the completed report to the Travolta/Preston family. Dr. Minnis says only the family has authority to release the findings to the public. No word if that will happen.


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BS!! The public has every right to know!

2116 days ago


Such a sad story!

2116 days ago

dont know    

This kid died because his parents didn't give him the medicine he needed--case closed. Check out his hands in pics--classic autism moves with the hands. These parents should be changed with murder.

2116 days ago


I believe it should not become public.This family is going throught something we all experinced one time or another and some things should just stay private.My prays go out to the Travolta family.

2116 days ago

thats right    

you people are a bunch of dumb ass's they didn't murder him, and they did give him is meds, they stopped giving him the meds that didn't work for him, and his parents loved him until know end so for you all to say these nasty things about them are a bunch of ass

2116 days ago


In respons to number 2 the Travolta family did have Jett on medication and in respons to number 3 shame on you.

2116 days ago


Why should the public have any right to know!!! They have no reason to release anything to the public! These are famous people going through a personnel tragedy! (Victoria) what makes you so important that you NEED to know??

2116 days ago


Why should it be anyone's right to know results except the parents? Just because he had high profile parents? This is a private matter for the family to decide on, not the general public, most of whom only know Travolta and Preston from screen or TV.

2116 days ago


Victoria, we do not have a "right" to know. This is a private family matter and medical records are shared with family. End of story. No crime was committed, a kid fell and hit his head on the bathtub There you know..Thats all that happened here. Why you all keep making this seem like it is a scandal is beyond words. Even if they did not give him any more meds, a lot of parents decide not to give seizure medication due to the side effects. That is not a crime.

Get over it, this is their business.

2116 days ago

dont know    

You don't just stop taking medicine--you go to the doctor and discuss it with them and see what they think, you don't take it into your own hands and stop administering medicine to your child. Last I knew, John was a "B" actor, and his wife was a "D" actress..they aren't doctors. You're the dumbass..dumbass.

2116 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

It SHOULD be the right of the family to keep this a private-family matter. The public DOES NOT have the right to know this information. Just because this child has famous parents does not change a thing, this is still a private-family matter. If they NEVER release this information, that should be OK with everyone and if anyone has a problem with it not being released has severe issues.

2116 days ago


Bahamian Justice---kind of like the justice in Aruba---sold to the highest bidder. Harvey get your bid in and the good King of the Grand Island might sell you the information you seek, until then, it will remain sealed. These are the same nuts that dealt with Anna Nicole Smith---they're more crooked than Obamans cronies and that includes Blago, Daley and Richardson.

have the US Marshalls check out the mannie/nannie stories, whearabouts and a B.A.C. test----they were derelict in their duties, irregardless of the Travoltas not giving Jett meds or a helmet to wear.

2116 days ago


What a beautiful young man! He is seizure free, communicating with everyone and at so much peace. Smiling that beautiful smile and enjoying himself to the fullest. You never really know what celebrities go through with their families. Cudo's to the Travolta's for keeping their most intermost pain private to most of the outside world. Special parents--very special son. I see only GOOD coming in the future for so many people. God bless the Travolta family and every other family that has 'a special' person in their lives. Please TMZ--don't make this a Scientology issue.

2116 days ago


I send my condolences to this family. The loss of a child must be the most horrendous pain.

I seriously doubt they will allow the autopsy results to be made public. In my opinion they are hiding the fact, because of religious belief's, that their son had autisim. Psychological disorders are taboo in that religion. Unbelievable that they would allow their religion to prevent them from providing their son with the best medical care possible.

I will not cast any stones. Saly, they will have to live their life without this precious person who may still be with them had they given proper medical treatment to.

2116 days ago


#5, I totally agree. There is too much speculation. No one knows that facts, and the family should be allowed to keep the results private, and to grieve in private. The people who are saying they denied him medication and care are morons.

2116 days ago
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