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Travolta Death Cert Lists Seizure

1/5/2009 6:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 9:29 ET Dr. Hubert Minnis, Minister of Health in the Bahamas, told Larry King Jett's body was cremated today.

UPDATE 5:52 ET -- The assistant director of the funeral home told TMZ the pathologists who performed the autopsy concluded Jett Travolta died from a seizure.

Jett Travolta's death certificate lists "seizure" as the cause of death.

No word on the coroner's findings, at least not yet.

The funeral home says "The body was in great condition and shows no sign of head trauma," despite police and family who say the boy hit his head either on the toilet seat, bathtub or both.

The body is currently en route to the airport to be flown back to Florida.

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hey, "Avowed Atheist"how about practicing a little of what you preach? Pontificating about judgmental "stupid" religious people then being judgmental and stupid yourself just goes to show you in a poor light.

2053 days ago


staring at pictures of kelly preston, make s me wanna rub depakote all over myself !!!

oops forgot...L Ron & tom won't let me...xenu is calling !!!

2053 days ago


Peach, I have not seen any obscene or violent remarks. What are you even talking about? And even if there are comments you do not like, suggesting they be "censured" (I think you mean censored, different word and meaning, and use) is pretty stupid considering most people's appreciation for free speech, especially when it is THEIR free speech and opinions. I see a lot of people shocked,dismayed, saddened and angry that it seems this boy could have lived and lived a long and good life. People are going to ask questions because this whole situation is crazy. Was Jett autistic? Was he denied medicines, treatments, therapies, proper care because of his parents' "religion"? Did their "church" really have a history of killing, removing, isolating others before? Was this "church" responsible for their denial of his possible autism and their apparent shame? did the church really refer to him as "degraded" because of his special needs, whatever they may be? Do they all believe pschiatry and therapy and mental health professionals are evil and need to be banished from the earth like Tom Crusie says? was Jett really last seen going into the bathroom the day BEFORE he was fond in the same bathroomn the NExt DAY? Did he or did he not have a blow to the head? The Travoltas have said that after they took him off the alledged medication he was alledgedly on, he had a serious seizure at least once a week. If that is so, and they admitted it was, why was he left to die in that bathroom over night with no one checking on him? THAT WOULD BE ASKED BY LAW ENFORCMENT IF IT WERE YOUR KID OR MINE WHO DIED. Since the parents don't seem concerned, millions of others are and we ask questions.

2053 days ago


Sad for the family- But please double check your story- He is being cremated and further down his body is being flown back to Florida.Which is it? easydoesit

2053 days ago


Innocent, I've seen nothing objectionable but several posters seem to think reading about the death & having questions is abnormal. Thus, my comments.

2053 days ago


How can a mother cremate her only son who died so young? Doesn't she want to have the comfort of visiting him at the cemetary, placing some flowers and saying a prayer? How cold could parents cremate their baby that fast. What was the frickin hurry?

2051 days ago


TMZ please stop... let the family grieve. it dosnt need to be plastered all over the internet AND T.V... seriously. this is getting ridiculous. yeah, one news break is actually "news". but now, your just stabbing the Travolta's in the heart. And honestly, no one really wants to hear this much about someone's child who died. its sad. your sad. get some new news.

2051 days ago


For those people that feel pity for the travoltas, and keep blaming TMZ for things that is already in the news, and I got to give it to TMZ if they are not giving up. The Travoltas were neglectful parents. Just because you are a movie star, doesn't make you any diffrerent from any neglectful parent out there. read this article and see why people are enraged

Celebrity do get away with alot of things, that people that aren't in celebrity status get caught for and punished harder.

2050 days ago


dear john,

i admire your work !!! i couldn't have done any better !!! good luck
with your next patient, bleu !!!

best wishes. sincerely,
dr kevorkian

2048 days ago
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