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Brolin & Wright

Strike Deal in Cop Case

1/6/2009 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright have just settled their criminal case in Shreveport, LA.

Brolin and Wright were charged with interfering with a cop during a bar brawl last July. Both actors were pepper sprayed and Wright was tasered.

Under the terms of the deal, as long as they don't have run-ins with the law from now till March 11, all charges will be dropped.

Score another victory for attorney Blair Berk.

UPDATE: TMZ contacted Wright for comment , who told us: "These arrests should never have happened. Thankfully the prosecution was able to see that and dismiss all charges. Unfortunately, there are no winners here, but I remain hopeful that Shreveport officials will be encouraged to dig at the root causes of certain police incidents down there. An old-fashioned refusal of service led to our arrest that night, and there's no room for that in America in 2009."


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WOW! Just like, if it were, the real george bush.
Linda Hogan, PLEASE DO PORN!!!

2113 days ago


Wow, just like your typical Hollywood riff-raff.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
We don't need that kind of bad garbage polluting our streets here in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana.
Don't come back, Josh Brolin!!!!!!!!!

2113 days ago


If there names were Joe Public and lived in a trailer, would the punishment be the same? Me thinks not.

2113 days ago

Melody T.    

Am I the only one who thinks these two look enough alike to be brothers?

2113 days ago


Mr. Wright might be in the wrong!!! These guys think they are above the law and can do anything they want because they are in movies. Maybe the next time they are out drinking and a buddy is getting arrested they won't try to jump in the middle of it. Taser On, Shreveport!!!

2113 days ago


I have been to this place, and the staff there are so prejudice...I have seen this with my own eyes... Shreveport cops were wrong , and should be punished..look in the news: there was a cop from shreveport that bruttally beat a woman while she was being held, you see him turn off the camera and when he turns it back on she is laying in a pool of blood..this is wrong and should be stopped

2113 days ago


Wow, you all are passing judgement & don't even know what happened. To me, it didn't look like the guys needed to be pepper sprayed or tased. It looks like the cops were out of line. You say that actors think they are above the law, but i think some cops think they are above the law.

2113 days ago

Driver Beware    

I moved away from Shreveport this past summer after 15 years. The cops in Shreveport get by with abuse everyday. I am a middle aged white female that has never even had a traffic ticket, but still found myself nervous to drive there. Everyday you can read in the Shreveport Times or see on the local news channel that the out of control police dept. has done something new, like beat up a woman in hand cuffs inside the police station or have an innocent driver spread eagle over the hood of his car looking for drugs in a vehicle after spotting a sesame seed from a Burger King whooper on the passenger seat. The police have been out of control there for years. And, if you’re lucky, you have never stood in front of Judge Michael Walker (who in now in prison for taking bribes for lowering sentences to repeat drug dealers.) Shreveport justice is an oxymoron.

2113 days ago


I think TMZ paps want to service them.

2113 days ago


Dont blame it on the actors polluting the streets of Stinkport, your own thugs and corrupt cops do a good job on their on.
And before you say anything yes i have been there, many times.

2113 days ago


Wow, my comments keep getting deleted. How hypocritical coming from TMZ.. who wants freedom of video to tape everyone else! Nice to know censorship is alive and well at TMZ. LOL.

2113 days ago

East Texas    

Yes, "Driver Beware" are very correct.
The other comments above CLEARLY came from people who do not live 60 miles from Shreveport as I do. I am a 35-year-old, mid-to-upper-class, white female, raised in the South--anyone who has any ties to familes of "influence" down here KNOW that Shreveport, and Louisiana government as a whole, is purely CORRUPT.
Hellooooo...does anyone remember that crackpot Senator Mary Landrieux during Hurricane Katrina? Lousiana disgraced themselves over and over agin.
Mr. Wright is correct in his statement. The arrests NEVER should have happened.

2113 days ago

Terry Joe    

Um...I grew up in northern Louisiana, AND, for a couple years, lived in the Shreveport/Bossier City area. What can I say? Sure, I'm proud of my southern heritage,but let me tell you when it comes to various law enforcement agencies in the south, well, some/most of the cops/sherrif's ' walk around like Clint Eastwood...most have that "Oh, look at me, I'm a deputy sheriff, a police man...most cops/law enforcement agencies down in Louisiana ARE 'corrupt',but then, a lot of cities are as well.
P.S. One more thing, if you happen to be gay, well, try and keep it to yourself, as sadly, most 'uninformed' southern residents just think that by sitting next to a gay person, that some sort of cootie bugs (lol) are gonna jump off onto them:)

*** In loving memory of my Dad, Winfred Aulds, who I lost to cancer on May 7, 2006 in Choudrant, Louisiana***

2112 days ago


Josh Brolin is a hunk and a great actor! I adore him! I adore his father, too!

2111 days ago

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