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Burris -- Did Flight Cost as Much as Senate Seat?

1/6/2009 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Blagojevich-approved Roland Burris will not be sworn into office in the Senate this morning -- but after arriving in DC last night, the politician got a brutal taste of just how unwelcome he may be.

Roland Burris: Click to watch


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a lot of you are really lame    


2081 days ago

arte help    

Thank God he wasn't seated. This is Obamas first scandal and this man shouldn't be seated til Blago and Obama tell all. I'm hate to admit that I was taken in on dirty Chicago politics. It's gonna be a long 4 years folks, what's next?

2081 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Although Obama is up to his eyeballs in the Illinois corruption, supporting the corrupt democrates and opposed the reformers (e.g. Forest Claypool), Roland Burris is just an old has-been who hasn't been around in many years. He's a glory-seeking nobody. Watch this seat go republican in 2 years as a voter backlash. What a mess. Not much better than New Orleans.

2081 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I'd say leave this gent alone and just tell us what's up today with the Sidwell Friends lunch lady.

2081 days ago


Could TMZ be more stupid! Pathetic.

2081 days ago


He shouldn't be seated.. He should go to jail!!! .. This man has never met a camara that he didn't like

2081 days ago


It's all very sad .. Why don't they have a FAIR ellection? Thise whole thing is tainted..

2081 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

wasted days #4,

Oh no,
Now you've done it...

2081 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Burris has absolutely no connection with the Blago scandal outside of being appointed by a stting governor who's SUSPECTED of impropriety. Blago at this moment is STILL signing legislation that is being honored as sitting governor which begs the question, just WHY was Burris barred from the senate?

2081 days ago


Wow I really thought they would treat him like 3/5 of a Senator..

2080 days ago


I feel sorry for the guy. He has more experience in his pinky than Obama has and that guy just became President-Select. Bottom line, Blago has NOT been indicted yet, and whatever you feel about him he has the power and duty to appoint someone. Don't get me wrong, if Blago had ANY self respect or respect for his party and his constituents, he would have the decency to step down immediately. Burris deserves to go to work now regardless how temporary it may be. Dingy Harry Reid has no business and does not have legal power to bar this man from office. Did someone die and make him czar or something? The Dems are showing their true racist colors. They are barring the man who would be the only black senator in the Senate from what I gather. Maybe someone else could verify that. I wonder if he had to use a separate bathroom or was allowed to use the drinking fountain...Hubris.

2080 days ago


this is more like a third world country politics. this guy failed in three election, now was appointed by a tainted governor and the worst he went to DC without the right paper work.this is US senate and not al qaida senate. what a joke. he should know his papers are not right before jumping on a $40 flight. this is someone that would represent a whole state, give me a break. its like a student who never applied for a university but want to go sit in a class. i'm not that educated but i do know what would happen. i guess the rest of the world are learning from us!!!!!! yeah!!!

2080 days ago


Where did he get a million for furniture?

2080 days ago


cy ". this is more like a third world country politics."

Reading the comments posted here, and elsewhere, it's not hard to see how that can be the case.

Except that most third-world voters in developing democracies know more about their candidates than the letter behind their name. Maybe one day Americans can have enough respect for democracy to cast informed, intelligent votes rather than some ignorant vote based on a canned set of "ideals" that most all politicians fail to live up to. I fear that until our population wises up (i.e., Generation X is too old to vote or is off the earth), we're going to continue to fail as a democracy and just continue to buy into the partisan nonsense that's driven our system to ruin.

By the way, replacement Senators in Illinois, as a matter of LAW, are chosen by the Governor, not through the vote, so you might want to wise up on that too before you start showing us all how little you know.

cy: "i'm not that educated"

At least you admit it. Too many other people have been trying to fool others so long that I think they have actually managed to fool themselves into thinking they're intelligent when they are everything BUT intelligent.

2079 days ago

Love Those Teenage Girls    

Truly ghetto politics in Illinois. Virtually everyone that is involved in politics in that state is of questionable character. This mess is tied to Obama, whether he wants it or not. The Democrats are even more corrupt than the Republicans, and that is saying a lot. Hopefully Obama doesn't make too many friends in DC -- he'll be out on the street in the '12 election, and well he should be.

2079 days ago

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