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Jett Travolta Found with Pulse

1/6/2009 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People in the bathroom trying to revive Jett Travolta believe they detected a "faint pulse" during the rescue effort.

We've now learned specifics about the circumstances surrounding Jett's death. The bathroom where John Travolta's son was found has a small toilet area with a door. Jett was found in that area with the door closed.

Jett had suffered a seizure and struck either the toilet or the wall as he collapsed. He was "bleeding in several areas," including his mouth. He had no cuts but did have bruises on his body. Jett had also been bleeding internally.

A funeral home official said the body was in "great shape" and showed "no sign of head trauma." In fact, we're told there was a considerable amount of blood after the resuscitation efforts but it could have been wiped clean after he died, and the color of Jett's skin could have masked bruises, since Jett had been dead for three days before the autopsy was performed.


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Enough Already!!!!!!!!!

2119 days ago


this doesnt sound right...

2119 days ago

Just a Fan    

Regardless of the specifics, the end result is a young man has passed away, My heartfelt condolences to the Travolta-Preston families. Unfortunately, seizures do kill and rob us of our young. I have first hand experience in this and send my sympathy and prayers to Jett's family.

2119 days ago


I agree! LET IT GO!!!!!

2119 days ago


Freeking cover up to all get out!

2119 days ago


Post #1 and #2, why should this be let go? Because it is sounding more and more fishy to me.

2119 days ago


Enough, TMZ! You're dangerously close to wallowing in the slime department now. As Bill O'Reilly said tonight (and the TMZ rep agreed) - this stuff about the Travolta family is just evil. Leave the poor family alone, for God's sake. They've suffered a horrific loss, and your exploiting this tragedy is nauseating!

2119 days ago


Sick. Let this family deal in private, and spare us the gory details. Hope you felt proud of yourself writing that piece.

2119 days ago


What that really means is he was found dead, and was dead for several hours.

2119 days ago

99centz'z day 4 & your milking the crap out this tragedy but CNN jr,it'z time to let can do it...there's other celbertys to trash & you do it well....but you had almost 1000 comment'z on this & you whant more,more but mosed of us are getting real tired of this & if you keep this up,were going to hate little JETT & you dont want that now do you????

2119 days ago


OMG...let the boy and his family rest in peace. There was an autopsy performed under the supervision of the family doctor...he had a seizure and died. It happens quite often...nothing fishy people!!! TMZ...quit being maggots feeding on the death of a young man. SHEESH!!!

2119 days ago


Actually I think there should be JUSTICE FOR JETT!! Why should he be treated like his life didn't matter? Thrown away because something was wrong with him? It is sooooo sick!!! None of the rest of us would ever get away with removing our child from society like this, throwing away the key on him because his parents are rich and famous?? He should have had the BEST care money could buy. If this story is forgotten, it will be a tragedy because his life mattered too. There is more to this, and it needs to be investigated.

2119 days ago


@jeffs246 "nothing fishy people!!!
Nothing fishy at all, just that the details keep changing by the minute.
Anyone know why he would have internal bleeding? Can seizures cause that?

2119 days ago

Iowa girl    

come on already enough is enough the boy died leave it at that it is hard enough for his family to deal with his death and also have to deal with all the comments and accusations everyone wants to say cant everyone just feel bad for his family and wish them better times and leave it at that.. Let this family have some respect

2119 days ago


Why should they let it go? I agree it's a horrible tragedy and I could NEVER even try to imagine the pain of losing your child. But TMZ is a celebrity gossip and news site. This is what they do. If you don't like it, don't come here.

2119 days ago
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