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The Chick Sucked Into Barkley's DUI -- On Tape!

1/6/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So here it is ... the surveillance footage that cops believe shows Charles Barkley blowing through a stop sign -- and picking up the mystery woman he allegedly claimed had a very special oral skill-set.

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The tape -- which also shows a cop car from the DUI task force pursuing Barkley -- was shot from a nearby building in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 31. You first see a woman walking down the street. A short time later, you see Barkley's SUV blow a stop sign, and head in her direction. It appears the SUV stops up the street and picks her up.

Then a cop car comes into frame and chases after the SUV, stopping it for good.

The time code embedded in the footage is one hour off from the time marked in the police report, but we've learned the camera was programmed for Pacific standard time -- not Arizona time -- which is an hour ahead. We're told the camera could only program Pacific, Central and Eastern time.

Barkley is set to face a judge for his DUI arrest on January 20th ... As for the chick, we're thinkin' Sir Charles simply blew that one -- how's that for irony?

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So did Barkley at least get his mule copped before the cop stopped him...or did he have to give himself a hand job in jail?

That is the question of the day.

2052 days ago


To the guys with the racist comments against Blacks, swear to God, you simply cannot be this racist all the time! LOL
I just don't think its possible that a sane human being could walk around with as much hate and discontent as you do for 24 hours!
How in the world can you be that hateful, shallow and juvenile every moment of your pitiful life?
Some Black kid apparently used to beat you up for lunch money on the regular for the hate to be this deep seated! LoL
I mean all TMZ has to do is post a Black person doing anything and just like clockwork, here you come with the comments and snide remarks.
I'm not even a fan of Charles Barkley's, but you idiot's make it almost impossible to ignore your total lack of social graces!
One thing I know for sure though, I guarantee you'll NEVER say what you typed to Sir Charles face.

2052 days ago


The limo didn't stop, the cops didn't go after that. The SUV didn't stop nor did the cops. Shouldn't the cops at least have lights on when pursuing through an intersection?

2052 days ago

arte help    

I didn't know Monica Lewinsky was walking the streets nowadays??

2052 days ago


Sheila, cops pull that stunt all the time. I know because a female cop once tried to give me a ticket for driving 20 miles under the speed limit and for not driving on my side of the road! One problem, we passed each other on the same road! She didn't even have her lights on and I know for a fact those speed guns only work when stationary! Basically, she was trying to imply that I was driving drunk even though a breathalizer would've easily cleared that up! She didn't even have me get out to do that.

Luckily, another cop came along and cleared it up. While he didn't say it to her face, he pretty much told me that's what she was up too.

Back to this story, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the cops did pull some shady work. Still, Sir Charles shouldn't have put himself in that position. I mean, if you wanted to pay for a BJ, I am sure there are better hookups than getting someone off the streets!
17. The limo didn't stop, the cops didn't go after that. The SUV didn't stop nor did the cops. Shouldn't the cops at least have lights on when pursuing through an intersection?

Posted at 9:38AM on Jan 6th 2009 by sheila

2052 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

For Sir Charles, this is all just turabel, turabel, turabel.

2052 days ago

sports fan    

Every one has done some pretty bad stuff, ( even the arresting cop, the writer of this article, and the people with the hateful comments ) They are not perfect neither is Barkley. One thing for sure he is great at what he does for TNT and they would be making a big mistake letting him go. Maybe everyone should loose their job when they make a mistake on their own time. Lets all hope not.

2052 days ago


99 centz ain't funny...

nuff said PERIOD.

2052 days ago


hey chuckee,

say goodbye to makin' eazy mo' money from dat eazy gig you have
(had...LOL) @ TNT doin' yo b-ball shiznit smack !!! yo ma
can have ma cell, coz it be empty soon...gonna be free
to make mo' money in da NFL when i git outta hizzee !!!


2052 days ago


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2052 days ago


Hey Time Geek,
If you are going to call yourself Time Geek, you should know that part of Arizona does observe Daylight Savings....In the Northeastern part of my State (the Navajo Nation) they do observe Daylight Savings.

2052 days ago


26. this was stupid
I guess the real point to this is if your black stay the f u c k outa Arizona

Wht are you talking about? He was durnk driving.

You are an idiot

2052 days ago

ex lax    

when did Arizona legalize solicitation of prostitution?

2052 days ago

ex lax    

It still funny he was late for a job interview ! howie you so funny!

2052 days ago


Spent the better part of my life living in the valley of the sun (Maricopa County/Phoenix/Scottsday/Mesa/Tempe/Arizona), and the camera not being timed to Arizona time makes sense. Arizona does not participate in 'Daylight savings time, and it was always a drag. Having to deal with businesses out of state whilst a couple hours left in the work day, only to realize anyone as far East as New Mexico and they've already gone home for the day. Cable TV? Computer Clock? Shipping ETAs'? Our own clocks were rarely correct. Just funny you have to try to explain why the times in the story don't add up. Now you know:)

2052 days ago
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