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Cops: Barkley Was a Slam Drunk

1/9/2009 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley had booze in his blood on the night he was busted for DUI, this according to the cops who nailed the basketball star last month.

Cops say Barkley's blood alcohol level was .149 -- nearly twice the legal limit in Arizona.

The BAC number came from a blood test taken in the field, when Barkley refused the Breathalyzer.

He's due back in court January 20.

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he hs a bigg azz liver so he can handle it..................

2081 days ago


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2081 days ago


hey chuckee,

say goodbye to makin' eazy mo' money from dat eazy gig you have
(had...LOL) @ TNT doin' yo b-ball shiznit smack !!! yo ma
can have ma cell, coz it be empty soon...gonna be free
to make mo' money in da NFL when i git outta hizzee !!!


2081 days ago


In Arizona for a first time DUI offense the common folks are required to do mandatory jail time, It will be fascinating to see how Barkley gets out of his "Mandatory" jail time sentence. Now if he would have kept is mouth shut, claimed his soverenignty, his 4th and 5th Amendment rights, refused every request by the public servant he my have had his case dismissed. I always claim my sovereignty, and my 4th and 5th Amendment rights during traffic stops, my cases are dismissed. The Government hates this, but it's our sovereignty that is at stake here.

you have to remember that the police "Public Servants" are constantly against us"the private citizens". A public servant is an instrument used against a private citizen by a "Government' designed to take our freedoms away and separate us from our money based on "Legal Fiction" fantasy Land Make Believe in regards to traffic bylaws and statutes.

Have you ever been stopped for speeding? And you knew you were not speeding? That's the very fraudulent act of a Public Servant using make believe fantasy to "create" revenue off of private citizens.

In Barkleys case, he rolled through a stop making a right hand turn, the limo driver also rolled through the stop... nobody was harmed, or hurt. So it's all make believe.

Barkley did not remain silent, and everything he said and did is being used against him in a court of law.

2081 days ago


chuckee ran the red light coz he was gonna meet up with RuPaul 'round the corner. he got the best kn@b j@b he ever got, coz he & RuPaul were playing the Crying Game...

golly gee wish i wuz there,

2081 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Maybe he was just barking up the wrong tree?

2081 days ago


Good for him. He has an over inflated ego, I know because I have met him. Maybe he will experience Sheriff Joe's pink boxer in Maricopa County Jail!

2081 days ago


Ooops! Back in court on January 20th. Looks like no Inauguration parties for CB. That's the real penalty!

2081 days ago


Field blood test? huh? the cops now can take your blood while eating donuts and getting their sugar high? Are U f_ing kidding me? Are they gun wielding nurses on top of it all? Is there some kind of blood analyzer adapter that fits on the end of their stun gun to perform this field blood test? What the hell is claiming your "sovereignty"? I need to know more about this seemingly useful tool. Speaking of donuts...I think we need to put laws into effect that require police cars to be equipped with breath-alyzers that measure glucose levels, too high..shut down the squad and all onboard electronics, locks the trunk and the gun mounts too. And I'm wondering if the slaying of one young man by a BART cop this past New Years, was the result of the cop's glucose level being too high. There is already a cover up, saying he(the BART police officer) thought it was his stun gun that he was shooting the boy with. hahaha..yea right. Too bad the bullet didn't ricochet and get get one of the cops in the brain holding down the boy at the time. Well you can see I am not a fan of stupid bully cops, and the corrupt Brotherhood that they are in concert with. BART cops should only be alllowed whistles and handcuffs. No guns, no batons!

2080 days ago


In this case,his celebrity status should be thrown out. He needs to be treated as a private citizen. Lock him up for 30 days with no suspended time, make him pay a large fine, take away his license for a year, make him go through those classes, etc. He should not be provided any favoritism over his celeb status. If anything, since he is a public figure and in some cases, a "role model", he should have a harsher penalty. I agree with Laura. He is just an egotistical jacka$$. He lost any rights he has when he knowingly climbed into a vehicle as intoxicated as he was.

2080 days ago

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