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Peddlers Invade Washington DC

1/10/2009 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With parking guaranteed to be hell at the upcoming Obamarama, some brave valets are coming to the rescue in DC -- not for your car, for your BIKE!

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association will perform a valet service with fully uniformed valets, equipped with fancy bow ties. The association is prepared to park over 1,000 bikes for all those Beltway Lance Armstrongs out there.

Don't ding the Schwinn, buddy!


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How is Innaugeration pronounced? Does the 2nd syllable make the "AW" sound, as in straw? Or maybe the "IG" sound, as in big? I'm going with the latter in this very specialized case.

2079 days ago

Can't Stand Obama    

Who cares? This isn't celeb gossip.

2079 days ago


#1 I usually pronounce is as AW whether that's the 'correct' way or not, I dunno. i never thought about it.

But about the story, I think it's cool. It could be slightly more confusing, but pretty cool.

2079 days ago


To #1, before you pronounce it you need to learn how to spell it and thanks for your racist opinion on that pressing topic. I'm sure I'll wish I didn't live in the DC area come the 20th. But I'll be watching the chaos unfold throughout the day from the comfort of my office!

2079 days ago


This is a good Day the USS George H.W.Bush CVN 77 joins the Navy Fleet Today. GO Navy .Go!

2079 days ago


What's with the octopus tentacles on the poster?

2079 days ago


Hey #1 idiot! It's spelled in⋅au⋅gu⋅ra⋅tion and pronounced /ɪnˌɔgyəˈreɪʃən, -gə-/ [in-aw-gyuh-rey-shuhn] Why are you trying to show people what an idiot you are? Are you proud of being an idiot? Because that pretty much proves that you are one

2079 days ago

Your name:    

Hahaha whats more funny then your comment #1 are all the morons here that didn't get it.

2079 days ago


wow aparently red necks and klan members have computers and can read and i tought they where ignorant well that's a small part of the country the ones who help along with w to mess the country up #1 you are an mother fu**er.

2078 days ago


Funny how those people who bashed W for 8 years can't handle it when the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it. Now you know what it feels like... Get used to it.

2078 days ago

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