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Brit PM -- Harry's Still a "Role Model"

1/12/2009 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Harry has at least one big backer in the UK –- no less than the Prime Minister himself.

Gordon Brown says Harry's still a "role model" despite getting caught using the terms "Paki," "raghead," and "queer" on video, referring to fellow soldiers in the British army. The family of the cadet who had to endure the "Paki" comment, however, calls him a "coward."

PM Brown says Harry's apology was "genuine" and "cannot be doubted."


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A roll model for what exactly? A guy who didn't do that well in school, he was born with a ton of money and likes to go around and party. I'm just curious what in his existence there is to teach children to asipre to?

2080 days ago


NOT racists. NO big deal. Get over it, all you crybabies.

2080 days ago


Another example of political correctness run amok. Just lighten up already.

2080 days ago


This makes me so mad. This is a young man, in the public eye 24/7. Its sickening how the media is running rampant around the world, making asses out of everyone.

2080 days ago


way to make your mother proud, dumbass!!!! he's just another ignorant fool in this sad world!

2080 days ago


i see we have many comments here from other ignorant fools! anyone who doesnt understand how those comments are racist needs to be removed from the gene pool, god knows it's polluted enough already!!!

NO ONE thinks of prince harry as a role model, that is RIDICULOUS!!! all he did was grow into a baby after his mother's egg and dad's sperm got together, and we ALL did that!!!

2080 days ago


I love how some of you are defending this punk. He and his entire family have built their fortune and empire off of racism. Put down the gossip rag and pick up a history book occasionally. In most of the world, the Royal family is viewed with disdain for British colonialism. Of course this is news and of course it is going to irritate a lot of people. If anything can be said in this punk's defense it is that his family has said much worse things. Google is your friend.

2080 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Do you go down on him very often? Is that one of your military things? What service is that?

He's jst a Royal Brat - with no leadership skills whatsoever, just money. Douche.

2080 days ago


TMZ and SKY NEWS - get a room!

2080 days ago


Actually no im not a Royalist...but the simple facts are he said this years ago and not recently. He has black friends. He is NOT racist. Here in England we have saying that the Welsh are sheep shaggers.. I call many of my welsh friends this..but im not racist against the Welsh one bit.

Harry called the boy a Paki - short for pakistani. How many of you Americans call us Brits? So does that make you lot racist? If we call you yanks does that make us racist? And most of the world call Australians Aussies? Does that make everyone racist?

For people who say Harry does nothing but partying and has no leadership that why hes in charge of his unit in the army? Is that why he insisted on going to the warzone against the Armys that why he spends a lot of his time in Africa...( wheres theres black people no less ) helping to build schools etc and places to live. And is they wy he helps to arrange concerts..for money for others? Yes Herry has screwed up before but some of the stuff on here is laughable and just hypocritical.

For those who say our Royal family is treated with disdain worldwise...i suppose thats why they bring in so much tourism into our country lol. And for the record Harrys father makes a very successful living thats nothing to do with the British tax payer.

You want to call Harry a racist for calling someone a paki. Well the stuff I read during your elections was so disgusting ...oh Obama is a muslim he has to be a terrorist...and many people voted for Palin/MCain i wonder?

If you want to talk about racism in this country...maybe it would be a good idea to find out just who are the racists...a white guy in my street just 17 had his neck slit by Pakistanis....just because he was white!! In court they shouted up with Obama!

2080 days ago


This is hilarious. #1 It happened 2 years ago. #2 Have you ever spent time with anyone in the Army??? They say far worse things! And the person who was called a "Paki" probably said very derogatory things as well... and probably didn't complain until he decided he could make some money of this..

2080 days ago

malvolio're so right, karen, he's a hero. i notice how you didn't address harry's use of the term "rag-head," but instead focussed on the "less" offensive term "paki." and, i guess his tasteful/hateful"hltler-outfit" was just another sign of military affection among his peers. no sense in telling you to wakeup...

2079 days ago


#26 just because someone has black friends does not automatically mean that you cannot be racist against asians(unless you are grouping anyone who is not white as black), why people use that as some kind of defence i'll never know but it is simply moronic to say that.

2079 days ago


by the way ive lived in the uk since 1976, im a brown skinned south american and have been called a paki several times over the years i have lived here. don't make out you know what you are talking about. also calling someone a paki is nothing like calling someone from wales a sheepshagger, it is not even in the same league.

2079 days ago


Tegaclan i do know what im talking about....i have lived in England my whole life thanks,

As I said...I lived in a predominatly asian area and i was afraid to go out at night...because of the attacks on white people...and the cops did nothing because they were accused of being racist whenever they did ...but i assume its ok if its not safe to go out ....

2079 days ago
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