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Dumbasses Try to Neuter Hooters

1/12/2009 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some desperate men with a dream to serve hot wings and wear short-shorts are suing the people behind Hooters -- because the man-haven wouldn't hire the dudes as waitresses!

These dumbasses -- led by some d-bag named Nikolai Grushevski -- have filed a class-action suit in Texas alleging they were each "denied a waiter's position because of ... gender." No s**t?!!?!!

Anyway, the guys -- who we'll call "the ruiners of all things good" -- are claiming the Southwest Airlines defense, citing a three-decade-old case where the airline was forced eventually to hire male flight attendants.

The guys are asking the court for emotional damages -- but we thought you had to have those before getting a job at Hooters!

Mike McNeil, the VP of Marketing for Hooters of America, tells TMZ, "This move of course begs the question, why would a man want to be a Hooters Girl? In our opinion, he doesn't and he is simply looking for an opportunity to be the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit so he can try and make some money without working for it."


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These ruiners of all things good need to get a life! If I went to hooters (yes I'm female) and they tried to give me a male waiter, I would request a female. That is why I'd be going to hooters in the first place! No tips for men waiters at hooters from me!

2078 days ago


If I ever get waited on by some dudes while there, I'm going to say, "Go and get me my hot wings Bitch

2078 days ago


they must not be gay .. Gay guys would rather go to the dentist then work at hooters.. *I'm just say'en

2078 days ago


it'z hooter'z...not ballys...

2078 days ago


Oh, I forgot something. TMZ stands for thirty mile zone, which describes the 30 mile area where movies were shot (I guess back in the day or something), and TMZ claims to want to bring "celebrity news", and they do a pretty good job, but HOW IN THE F*CK is this celebrity news? Did Britney Spears fall and break her ankle tripping over a girl at hooters? Did Lindsay Lohan get caught shooting up in the bathroom? No, this all a bunch of idiocy that should be reserved for the regular news, this is NOT celebrity news.

TMZ, take my advice, and STOP posting this crap, and other crap like this, on your site. Stick to what you claim to know... celebrity news.

2078 days ago


This reminds me of one esp. on King of the Hill. LOL!

2078 days ago

Jessica Levine    

I work at Hooters and I can't tell you how many times I have heard the topic of discrimination mentioned... This lawsuit will never win because at hooters we are considered "entertainers" not "servers". The company gets around certain laws that someone at say a Fridays would be sued for...things like having your hair down while serving food. In the entertainment industry it is okay to be selective on who gets hired, just like you wouldn't cast a 6'3 male to play a 5'2 female in a movie....

2078 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

What is next, Women suing Chip and Dales for employment?
Women suing for bouncer jobs?
Men suing strip bars for dancer jobs?
Men suing Victoria Secret for model jobs?
Men Suing perfume companies for not hiring them in the Ads?
The list can go on….

Do you know that equal employment rights was created to keep people being unfairly discriminated against but these idiots are interpreting the law for personal gain and is a waste of time and money and I hope they have to pay all legal costs.

These idiots can get waiter jobs at plenty other establishments and besides, what kind of tips would they make? Please! And all of you who are so offended by hooters, Don’t go, its that simply.

This PC world is anchor on our society; everyone wants to be judge and jury.

There is a thing called freedom of expression, if you do not like what people are expressing…DON’T GO!

2078 days ago


GOOD FOR THEM!!! If women are going to demean themselves for a $2 tip then men should be given the opportunity to do so too. I hope they win :-)

2078 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

Hey…Blogger “Get a real job honey”...

Don't you get??? They don't want your business. Got to Chucky Cheese...

And it is a real job, it is called "a waitress", they pain in the butts like you all over the country. Sometimes they wear tuxedos and sometime they are naked, it all depends what atmosphere you want and that is one of the many things that makes this country great. You can get want you want; there is something for everyone and no one person dictates policy.

2078 days ago


Why doesn't the "gay community" open up there own version of Hooters complete with men in tiny orange shorts and boob-tops, as well as big ol' lesbians in flannels and Birkenstocks?

Then we can all live in harmony and hug each other, and sprinkle rainbow dust and fairy kisses all over the world.

2078 days ago

poopy pants    

Last I heard gender discrimination is illegal. Right? So Hooters should either hire them or pay up. Fair is fair. You wouldn't be singing this tune if it was a woman being denied a job.

2078 days ago

Maui Girl    

My husband wants to open a rib joint and call it Bonerz.

2078 days ago

Triple Play    

Wouldn't their sacks come out of the shorts?

2078 days ago


I agree with Stop the PC!!!

2078 days ago
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