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Hooters on Lawsuit -- Size Matters!

1/12/2009 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't have a big one, they'll laugh you right out of Hooters -- a big law firm, that is.

The top bananas at the wing joint are firing back at a group of morons suing them for sexual discrimination, saying they are in their legal right to only hire women to handle their chicken bones.

In a statement issued just moments ago, Hooters says they've already fought this battle before -- and won -- and accused these dopes of only filing the suit so they "can try and make some money without working for it."

Hooters also took a shot at the d-bags' legal manhood -- saying the men are "represented by a very small plaintiff's law firm." Ouch.

And just to drive the point home, Hooters added "If we lose this go around, you can next expect hairy legged guys in the Rockettes line up and male models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You wonder why people just can't leave good things alone?"


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Okay I am as far left that I am hanging on the cliff. However, .PLEASE!!!! What the FU@& are these people thinking!?!?! To me they must really be bored to come up with this one! Trust me they're several things out there worth working on then American loved Hooters! Why be a player hater? I swear if you had a pic of the ones starting this crap they would all hurt your eyes! Ugly people are just jealous. And for the girls that are doing it for school or their children......Props to ya! Your're smart and deserve the best education. and so do your childrten. And if you're not....Props to ya! Hell ya, I myself think any women whatever her choice should be praised...I even love poles myself. Yes I know Hooters doesn't have polls yet...but I do :)

2109 days ago


We were at Hooters once and this really hot girl was waiting on us...and then she smiled and her teeth were all rotted and scary!! WTF, fix that stuff if you're gonna try to look hot!

2109 days ago


Hooters was not a new concept. Look at all the years only Playboy Bunnies were servers at the Playboy Clubs. They were a lot more classy than these Hooters broads. I know so many women who have had Hooter servders try to hit on there husbands or boyfriends right in front of the women. Bunnies would have been fired for doing that.

2109 days ago


Things do change. My best friend went to flight attendant (Stewardess then) school right out of high school. Not only did they have to be female, they had a lot of criteria to meet. Their hair had to be a certain length and the NATURAL color. If they had even one tooth that was less than perfect, they had to get braces. They had a to a certain height and weight. And get this....when they stood with their legs together, they had to touch at the knees, calves and ankles with open spaces in between.. After over a year of training, my friend didn't make it. Her calves were about an eighth of an inch a part and she just couldn't plump them up without gaining weight elsewhere. Can you imagine that now?

2109 days ago


Hooters has a right to hire anyone they want as long as they don't descriminate against race, religion or national orgin.
Trust me, white men don't have ANY rights to sue for descrimination.
I'm a fan of the food at Hooters and the decor is fine with me.

2109 days ago

ky hooters girl    

there are some bitter women on here!! i was a hooters girl all through college and graduated debit free and money in the bank for a house how many of you ladies talking crap about us can say that? my guess is the people that talk bad about hooters girls once interviewed there and never got a call back . you really should just admit you wish you had our minds and bodies!! oh and i also work for a very large multi billion dollar company and very proud of my really ladies have so class and just admit that u dont go to hooters because your intimidated we already know the truth

2109 days ago


I can't believe that this lawsuit is being brought out onto the table again! Couldn't they have made it a law that nobody else could have done this? Of course a guy, or a bunch of men will get together and file a lawsuit that has to do with an employer that only hires women, but for a very specific reason why... I mean it's not called "Hooters" for the hell of it! I do
not know any woman that works there who doesn't have a rather large bosom! As far as calling the waitresses of Hooters
"being prostituted out," that is totally false! I have a very good friend that worked at Hooters while she was going to school during the day, going after her Master's Degree in Business Administration. She finally got her Master's Degree. It seemed to take forever also though, and so did her stint at Hooters! However, she works for a large corporation, makes tons of money, and owns 2 homes... And no, she doesn't regret her time at Hooters!!

2109 days ago


I can't help but comment here. EVERY successful business has a gimmick! Hooters is the showy girls. If you don't like it, don't go there, go somewhere else...or open your own 'Hot Male" restaurant. I do not understand why some people always think that they have a right to change someones idea for a business. I don't know who, but someone had the Hooter's idea, let them enjoy and gain from their idea, and leave them alone.
P.S. I personally have never been to a Hooter's, as a female, the thought of it just doesn't appeal to me. I choose to go elsewhere.

2109 days ago


I don't see where working at Hooters is any different than bartending your way through college. So the girls wear some skimpy shorts and too-small tops. Sounds like your average high schooler/college student to me. It's not like they are offering lap dances. Frankly, I could only dream of having had the body to pull off an outfit like that. I think they probably have to work doubly hard to keep in top form. If it pays the bills and is legal, nothing to be ashamed of.

2109 days ago


I hope hooters has an oprening for TMZ, like in toilet flushing optional.

2109 days ago


to # 37, you're not too bright are you? so as long as people don't discriminate against sex then that's ok? fool! the past 30 or so years now no company has had the right to hire who they wanted....they have to hire a certain amount of females/blacks/hispanics/white/males.....all in that order now because of Affirmative Action. now if that wasnt a factor...and people were hired based on their abilities and knowledge and not the color of their skin i wouldnt have any problem with only having girls working at hooters...but again whats good for the goose is good for the gander

most of the girls at hooters are nothing to look at anyways and i love the comments by a few of them that are like " im part of a global company" what like mcdonalds?

2109 days ago


hello theres a reason why the place is called hooters the key word is hooters

2109 days ago


what a bucnch of tools lol

2109 days ago


Hooters HAS faced similar suits before, but someone should remind them that they 'won' only in that it never went to trial. They settled - for $3.75 million - out of court, in a settlement which allowed them to continue to hire only women as waitresses (Hooters agreed to hire men for other jobs). The agreement settled MD and IL suits, so it's not likely to impact a TX suit.

Most likely, the goofball who filed this suit is looking for settlement money as well. Of course, the plaintiffs in the last suit saw $19,000 (3 IL plaintiffs) and $10,000 (MD plaintiffs) for their efforts. The lawyers got the rest. Which is why the motto of class action lawyers is 'screw the class, grab the cash'.

2109 days ago


no one wants too see male waiters at a plce called hooters

2109 days ago
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