Hooters on Lawsuit -- Size Matters!

1/12/2009 7:15 PM PST

Hooters on Lawsuit -- Size Matters!

If you don't have a big one, they'll laugh you right out of Hooters -- a big law firm, that is.

The top bananas at the wing joint are firing back at a group of morons suing them for sexual discrimination, saying they are in their legal right to only hire women to handle their chicken bones.

In a statement issued just moments ago, Hooters says they've already fought this battle before -- and won -- and accused these dopes of only filing the suit so they "can try and make some money without working for it."

Hooters also took a shot at the d-bags' legal manhood -- saying the men are "represented by a very small plaintiff's law firm." Ouch.

And just to drive the point home, Hooters added "If we lose this go around, you can next expect hairy legged guys in the Rockettes line up and male models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You wonder why people just can't leave good things alone?"