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Hooters on Lawsuit -- Size Matters!

1/12/2009 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't have a big one, they'll laugh you right out of Hooters -- a big law firm, that is.

The top bananas at the wing joint are firing back at a group of morons suing them for sexual discrimination, saying they are in their legal right to only hire women to handle their chicken bones.

In a statement issued just moments ago, Hooters says they've already fought this battle before -- and won -- and accused these dopes of only filing the suit so they "can try and make some money without working for it."

Hooters also took a shot at the d-bags' legal manhood -- saying the men are "represented by a very small plaintiff's law firm." Ouch.

And just to drive the point home, Hooters added "If we lose this go around, you can next expect hairy legged guys in the Rockettes line up and male models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. You wonder why people just can't leave good things alone?"


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and also in this is for "Where's the freakin common sense" gay guys not always try to do what girls do, i work for Hooters as a manager and i happen to be gay and i'm there because of my skills not because i want to be a Hooters Girl so please don't put as all in the same category!!!! and this proves that Hooters doesn't discriminate!!!!

2077 days ago


Mr.Real men like ass.....Just by The name you are using on your post,explain's you well!And no,I'm not a mormon.Are you a big ol' pervert??Opinion's are like A**holes.Everyone has one!So you stick with your's,and I'll stick to mine.I'm just someone that prefer's class over trash.And a respectable man would appreciate that!

2076 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

To TruBeliever36….

What did you do when you were 21? Were you having tea with the queen? Or at the coffee house reading poetry?

I am Senior at USC and my friends and I have a great time going to Hooters to watch the game, eat finger food, drink beers and flirt with the hot girls who work there. And for the record, I am 0 -15 in getting a girl to leave with us because they are there to do what they do best and that is be friendly and entertain to make you want to come back.

So if your definition of a pervert is a 22 year old male who likes hot 21+ women in gimmicky but sexy cloths, then yes, I am pervert by your definition. Although, I thought perverts were rapist and child molesters or dirty old men in rain coats flashing in the neighborhood, I thought me and the boys going out for the game and drinking beers at Hooters was just good old fun American Style. Maybe you judge others because your wife is a fridge ugly but classy woman? Let boys be boys and if you do not like Hooters, the solution is simple, don’t go!!! Stay home with your classy wife and read by the fireplace.

For me, having the time of my like, thank you very much!

2076 days ago


Ok, I get it, but have you ever been to Corpus? Of course any red blooded 22 year old wants to work at, sports, hot women, lots of customers - good money. Discrimination is discrimination - plain and simple.

2074 days ago


Why should he be denied the opportunity to make good money as a waiter there? Of course any red blooded 22 year old male wants to work at Hooters, beer, sports, hot women lots of customers- where else can he make good money in Corpus?

2074 days ago

Malissa Bauhaus    

I work at Hooters and I LOVE IT. And if you guys "hate" Hooters so much then why are you even wasting your time reading articles about it and to go even further you are commenting negatively about the restaurant and its employees. So I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that all of you who posted negative comments either were unable to obtain a job at this fine restaurant and become a part of our family, or you lost a boyfriend/ husband because Hooter Girls can do it better than you. We are not sluts, whores, skanky, or stupid. We are making an honest living and we have fun doing it. And not to mention I put on more layers when I get ready for work than most people. This is not my chosen profession either. I am working my butt off so I can pay my way through law school my self instead of relying on other people to pay my way. I hope that these guys DO NOT WIN because of one reason. They are idiots. Why else other than free money would any male want to work at Hooters? Anyways stop wasting your time bashing us and go settle yourself down with a nice job at McDonalds.

2073 days ago


Sorry to all you fools. You just do not know the law. If you look it up, it says that actors, actresses, cheerleaders, even topless dancers are all protected under the law 'cause they are part of the entertainment industry. So to all you quality guys that get off during lunch, that's the way it goes. Don't worry, your entertainment is safe, you might have to put up with a guy waiter sometimes. Try not to barf out your wings!

2051 days ago


I have been at many Hooters sites all over this great country of ours, and I have always left with a smile on my face. But on this night in Waco Texas the smile was met with some reservations on the quality of the food I received. I ordered the Sampler; Fried Wings, Crab Legs, Boiled Shrimp, you know the one. Well, to my surprise, the fried shrimp was like fried way before I arrived tonight, like they refried it and served the crap to me. The Crab Legs were only three legs, and I could almost see right thru them they were so old. The Wings were alright, but not like I'm used to from this place I considered one of my favorites to frequent. I hope this was just a fluke, and I'll visit the next Hooters and come away with the same big smile I'm used to. Loved the waitress, she was the best, and of course I left her a geat tip. But please address the food that is supposed to be the best on this level of going out to eat places, and let the employees know, that when something is to old to serve, let it be just that. This will in no way stop me from eating at this place I consider a part of my fabric, but I do hope that these issues I've mentioned are looked into and taken care of. Thnks for the outlet!!

1329 days ago
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