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Obama's New Decorator -- You Be the Judge

1/13/2009 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House private quarters will be gussied up by interior designer Michael Smith. The dude has decorated the homes of Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Smith is big into antiques that feel "airy and family friendly" -- whatever that means.

So look at the gallery and tell us....


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You people have zero taste, This is so MRS. Obama, she is into that Jackie' O era and this designer incorprates the 60's simplicity, with the comforts of home.

2073 days ago


Judy. What's your problem? You're not proud. You'll go after anyone. You are just a bitter twisted , dried up old woman. Always on the attack.

2073 days ago

penelope Bianchi    

Good Grief!
This is absolutely one of the very best interior decorators in the country; hands down!

The bill is paid by private is going to be their home for at least 4 years; and it is a great investment!!

I was fortunate to be a guest at the American Ambassador's residence in London! Decorated in the early 50's by Billy Haines....(another top decorator)....It has just been maintained......still classic and beautiful!

This President, I hope will be comfortable and happy in these rooms! The First Family could not be in better hands!

Not one cent will be wasted!!


(a decorator in Southern California for 40 years)

2073 days ago


Looks like the Jefferson's are moving on up!!

2073 days ago


don , the jefferson's were dry cleaners and not real.... the obama's are real and he is the commander in cheif... so no the jefferson's are not movin up ... no wonder obama won

2073 days ago


If you were born in America, then you are American. African, you are not. You are a Black American.

2073 days ago


54. If you were born in America, then you are American. African, you are not. You are a Black American.

Sigh....I know many read the above and thought what is wrong w/ this person. It is regarding heritage, such as Asian-American, Japanese-American. Their ancestors origin of birth. You should have learned that in 3rd grade;(

2073 days ago


number 54 what ??? please dont tell me what i am !! i know what i ami am afrcan american ... i was born in american and my great great grandparents came from africa.. i heard it from the family tales.. therefore i am african american... you have to have respect for all peoples. i teach my children to respect african american, chinese american, native american , irish americans and french americans.. even polish americans.... in the city we live we have a "polish american club" ... does that mean they are not polish they are just amrican? do not call me by my skin color please. that is all i respect is to be called what i am...good lord now your confusing me...

2073 days ago


NOBODY will ever do as amazing a job on the White House decor than Jackie Kennedy. Oh and the Obama family should adopt an older dog who needs home...puppies pee everywhere.

2073 days ago


i love michelle and her man in chief... i bet michelle has another baby in the new presidental house. i think the pres to be is handsome and if he needs a woman on the side , here i am i would love to see his dining area.. i would dine there all he wants

2073 days ago


if #54 wasn't your typical ignorant Republican hillbilly, I don't know what is... Funny of all the republican douche postings that they are up in arms of how money is being spent... Umm, idiots, do you remember Sarah Palin spending $150,000 on clothes!!! Yes, clothes.... Ah, republicans, so in touch with the everyday world. Bang up job by the way with the moron YOU RED STATERS put into office. A war that hasn't ended, no WMD's (hey Bush, where are they? I thought that is why we went to war... LOL) I dare any republican to post any positive of the Bush presidency.... it'll be a long wait, I guarantee!!!!

2073 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

In response to,
54. If you were born in America, then you are American. African, you are not. You are a Black American.

Posted at 9:53PM on Jan 13th 2009 by I love Barak

EXACTLY!! By calling yourself African-American you are segregating yourself! I do not call myself, for example,
German-Dutch-Native American. i choose not to reveal my true race as that should not be an issue. I am an AMERICAN, that's it, just American. Come on!

In response to Colby's Woman,
There are sections on applications where people of two races can choose bi-racial. This is what Mr. Obama can call himself, if he so chooses to be honest. I believe this is thought out chance to be placed in history. He can choose to be honest and say to the country, I am indeed a person of two races. By doing this I believe that the country will stop focusing so much on the fact of the race of Mr. Obama. With Mr. Obama TWO races came together and made one person. Thus, a chance to point out that races can come together and form one country. What makes me angry is this is a chance to bring the country together in race. He is not black or white, and we need to stop saying he is black. He is not America's first black President he is America's first bi-racial President.

2073 days ago


50/50 then i call you a white american? isn't that segragation? i may not be the most educated on this site , but i am old enough to remember " no blacks allowed signs on water fountains" so don't tell me about using the african american term.. i am african american not black... i am not a color i am a person .. and so are you... so be sensitive to others ... and you OMG don't tell me what i should of learned in third grade.. you should hmble yourself.. and stop being rude to others ...

2073 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

little mama - Sarah Palin SUCKS and her daughter Bristol is a whore!! Baby daddy might want to get a paternity test, I heard she slept with the whole hockey team!!!

2073 days ago


In regards to 50/50, your rambling or reasoning was made no sense. If you cannot understand that people are often reference by their ancestors orign, than it useless to discuss the issue. Hopefully, you are aware that America is melting pot, consisting of various cultures and nationalities. And, again people often identify themselves with their place of birth or their parents'. Obama has made it known the race of both of his parents. When Obama applied for Harvard, the application choice for race was black or white. Obama chose not to make to make a distinction. Due to his skin color and features, many in society will always see him as black. I understand, and certainly he does, that he is bi-racial. However, Obama admitting to be bi-racial is not what will ease racial tension in this country. Do you honestly think that if Obama starts saying I am bi-racial, that w/ stop the hateful and racist remarks of many of the commentors on this site? Cultural sensitivity will only be established when people began to appreciate and respect the differences of other cultures, and nationalities.

2073 days ago
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