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"Bikini Girl" -- Half-Naked Before "Idol"

1/14/2009 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell definitely made an impression last night, and judging by her modeling reel over at LovinLife Creative Media, one thing's for sure -- the skank bit is no act.

Katrina Darrel: Click to watch

The slutty shtick doesn't stop there though -- girl's also a part of a clothing line so trashy, even Shauna Sand wouldn't be caught dead in 'em.


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My girlfriend is 100 times hotter than her in a bathing suit. I didn't see the big deal. There are 10000000000 girls more prettier than her in the face. She looked like a bumpkin to me (backwoods ellie may) type. I Just didn't think she was all that special. Now if she looked like my g/f and showed up in a bikini I could see it, but, not how she looked. I can't believe Ryan Seacrest allowed her to kiss his mouth. I hope he didn't catch herpes yuk!

2081 days ago

arte help    


2117 days ago


The listened as she tried to sing. I guess when your only "talent" is looking like a porn star, use if for all you can. My guess is she will get the boot from Idol in the not too distant future, find a "talen agent" and she will become the next Jenna..... She looks and acts like she has been on a few casting couches so I am sure she knows the hollywood routine.

2117 days ago

Carrys F.    

Too trashy for Shauna Sand? NO WAY!!

2117 days ago


I saw this flake last night and it's a pretty sad day that the "Judges" would allow her to get through just by showing up in a bikini....thought American Idol was a program about singing and being a good role model.....gather this is the New Age Role Model.

Pretty Pathetic

2117 days ago


I was at the auditions with her, well not "with her" but I was there auditioning as well,she was the main focus of the crowd and the idol cameras for a good while, to let everyone know when the arena got quiet someone yelled out " Slut " and " Whore " it was quite funny, but in all honesty, I did not have a bikini or a costume or anything crazy ( Like the pink hair tattoo girl who has Candyland tattooed across her entire back ) and Im not a bad singer and did not make it, so again in all honesty they got on the show so.. jealousy plays a part in this, but she did know what she was doing. I would never lower myself like that to get on a show though.

2117 days ago


To bad this was taped before Sharon Osborne kicked her Idols A*s !

2117 days ago


And the Idol producers said they wanted less trash and nonsense this year and more real quality signing talent...this skank proves all those English A holes who run Idol wrong and out to be liars...its the normal English approach heaped upon the world. NO wonder that country has a muslim problem----they are liars. The whole lot of them----Prince Harry is a Fraud.

2117 days ago


she'z got my vote!!!finaly,i have a reason to watch thiz year................

2117 days ago


I can't believe they even put her on, let alone through! She must have some big time dirt on one of the producers or show execs for them to have done that. She's nothing unique...there are millions like her. Gotta be a reason they did for her.

2117 days ago


like being gay and doing it in public restroom isn't skanky?

2117 days ago


She isn't going to last. Girlfriend can barely sing, has zero body except a butt , and she is dumb as a stump.

Simon was drooling all over himself, not like that is saying much, but I think that is why she got through. All her Mariah singing ain't going to cut it folks, Idol she isn't!

I wonder why they let her through when dude in the black and white striped shirt was FAR more enteraining! Was he a trip or what!!!!??? Who is that guy!?

2117 days ago


I watched American Idol last night and i thought it was a joke.
Most of them arent good at all. I did like the one girl with the blonde hair blue eyes very different voice. She was unique.
On the other hand you have a meghan wanna be... i dunno whos uglier. Its pointless put some clothes on have some respect for yourself. STOP shaking your head like your having a seizure when you sing you look DUMB!
The girls a whore... if i were a judge i would have kicked her to curb not only because she couldnt sing but because i wouldnt want trash on the show. Young aduience watching this... wow " mom i wanna be a slut who walks around in a bakini and does porn, it was on AMERICAN IDOL, so why not?" Don't think my kids will be watching this till that low life ugly ass skank is off the show.
Its not about talent its about ratings and "shock factor" I'd bet 50% of people starred at her body and did not listen to her voice. She was bad, she was rude to the judges and made an akward scene with Ryan who should probably go get checked out after that joke of a kiss!

2117 days ago


By the way, not only did she get on American Idol, now TMZ who is showing her video, and also giving links to the clothing she promotes is making her head bigger lol... so she got what she wanted and even more now people who know her might make profits.. its sad really. Does anyone else think she looks like a really funkered up version of Megan Fox? I do.. if she had a better nose they would look even more alike .. Scary

2117 days ago


I thought she was VERY talented!!

2117 days ago
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