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Guess Who This Gal Turned Into

1/15/2009 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This two-year-old girl went on to become a famous Hollywood blonde. Can you guess who she is?!

Who dat?

"Idol" Wannabe Has Ridiculous Body of Work

Two episodes into the new season and "American Idol" has already found their flash-in-the-pan hot chick -- with a seriously sexy past.

Before Casey Carlson made it through to Hollywood last night, the 20-year-old made it to the Virgin islands, where she stripped down to her bikini for some unbelievably erotic poses.

But don't go slappin' her with the Antonella Barber skank label just yet -- the pics were for a website called Campus Girls USA, which sells calendars and donates all the profits to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

She got your vote yet?

Obama's New Decorator -- You Be the Judge

The White House private quarters will be gussied up by interior designer Michael Smith. The dude has decorated the homes of Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Smith is big into antiques that feel "airy and family friendly" -- whatever that means.

"Idol" -- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

There is never a shortage of "American Idol" rejects -- and last night was no exception!

Celebrity Fruits

Is that an apple in your mouth or are you just happy to see me?

Big Babies

Sometimes it's tough letting go of those childhood friends. These stars should leave the stuffies at home!


No Avatar


Nepotism at it's best, nice nose job.

2056 days ago


I think he's Obuma's boy friend.

2055 days ago


what an ugly kid

2055 days ago


I think he's John's boyfriend....LMAO

2055 days ago


I think John needs to learn how to spell!!!!!!!

2055 days ago


Obama dosn't have a "boy-friend" he's not gay. I'm happy he became our pres./president. Now he can show all the races people that black people can have their dreams! I hate all races people. I think Obama will be one of the best pres.!
I hope they make Obama money I would so want that, and it would be so cool!

2055 days ago


I agree with Maya on racist people, don't like them no matter what color they come in. The only thing that gets me is that when you say racist everyone thinks WHITE. Its interesting that I have met a lot of white racist but have met more Asian and black racist recently, but no one thinks about them and that doesn't take into account relegious racist which most people will agree are mostly non white. Oh well that's life.

2055 days ago


you think john needs to learn how to spell. races? really? races people? its racist.
and he's only half black, if he was half black and white skinned, it'd be a totally different story.
And how it is racist to deny someone a job because they're black, but its not racist to GIVE someone a job because their black while denying it to a white man? It's that racist against the white man? But no, its only racist when the person isn't white. It's a load of bull.

2055 days ago


I love obama

2055 days ago


John did spell it right, oBUMa and they do already have an oBUMa coin. Maybe they will put him on the food stamp, the unwilling to work is the only people he is going to help. He is VERY popular though, as the BIBLE says the antichrist will be amongst the ignorant people that will buy into his lies. oBUMa is not the ONE to ask for guidance or leadership.

2055 days ago


damon are sure you read your name correctly on the birth certificate? I think it may have been demon and you are so ignorant that you misread it. Perhaps you would be better suited living in the Gaza strip.

2055 days ago


Why doesn't Casey Carlson just go straight to the Playboy Mansion and get it over with. A ho fo sho.

2055 days ago



2055 days ago


The way to spell "Races" is actually "RACIST!" just another ignorant person looking to be lead by ignorance!!! oBUMa... that is a comical spelling... I so agree with Damon, he is the AnitChrist that walks amongst us! He is not the answer to our $$$ problems in this Country, he is just going to contribute to it. Sad that ppl think it's b/c of his RACE!!! It isn't, we all needed to look into his past and what he actually stands for. Who give a big pile of POOH that he is going to be the 1st Black President! I could care if our President was purple with yellow dots we just need a LEADER with leadership skills. I hope my fellow countrymen can get past the color issues and live life color blind... Peace, Love and Happiness to you all!!

2055 days ago


There is not a person on this earth who has the answers to all of our problems. If you have any kind of biblical sense you should know that God wrote the beginning and the end and went back and started at the beginning then surely he knows how the world is going to end. Quit the Obama hating and live with the fact that he is our new President. Racism of any kind of wrong and will destroy the earth. The fact that United States has shown so much racism and have taken from so many different groups of people, is one reason we are reaping the benefits of what they have sowed.

2055 days ago
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