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A Clothing Optional Inauguration Day Alternative

1/16/2009 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For all you Inauguration-bound travelers who can't get a room, there's a cheap alternative -- with a catch -- you have to take it all off.

Pine Tree Associates (America's Premiere Family Nudist Club, their website boasts) is about 30 miles from D.C. It has spacious indoor and outdoor pools, volleyball and tennis courts, and rental units for as low as $73 a day.

Careful bachelors -- they generally frown on single males.


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I looked this club up and it is absolutely INSANE! Clothing is not optional and people are required to disrobe to include children!! This is completely wrong and children should not be subject to this behavior. It's one thing to for a couple to go for a weekend but not to subject your children to this. Who watches out for the creeps preying on the children?? The touching policy states that if a male becomes aroused he must cover up or take a dip in the pool. Children should be prohibited from these resorts! TMZ, you should not display this little girl and take the photo down; there are other pictures you could have chosen from.

2104 days ago


Yeah, those poor kids, having to see thier parents penis and vagina thats sick!

2104 days ago


omg! this is just wrong and extremely perverted.... I know you born that way... but come on give me a break... even cavemen covered up the goods!

2104 days ago


Those stars cover so much... lol. To "disgusted", stop being a pervert and thinking about kids like that. I've been to places like that before.. You'd be surprised how those people aren't obsessed with sex as much as people like yourself.

2104 days ago


Should have posted this on Sunday so all these angry people would be at church instead of here.. haha.

2104 days ago


I think small children running around naked in front of adults is wrong in a nudist colony . I think grown men going nude in front of the chilren is wrong weather it be fathers of those children or other people husbands is wrong .

And dont say they are not there's the picture right there . Showing a father walking next to his daughter with his biss hanging out for her to see come on . Why is this not against the law ?????

2103 days ago


Yea, I live in DC and it's like 30 frickin' degrees outside! Talk about shrinkage!

2103 days ago


why is every one saying bad things about the poor girl she is a kid it is not like it will traumatize her cloths have been around a long time but not for ever so in the beginning were no one wore clothe was it that wrong and it is not child phonographic it has nothing to do with sex and no nudity is not completely and only related to sex it is only when it is a mistery that it relates to sex once you are around naked people for a while it makes it no big deal

2102 days ago


Child nudity does not always equal child pornography. The determining factor with child pornography is not whether the child is nude, partially nude, or fully clothed. The determining factor is what the child is doing and/or having done to him/her is.

2102 days ago


that is so wrong, this gives an open door for pedophiles. that is sick. these poor kids are being force to go into an unsafe environment with creepy old men around.. parents wants wrong with you, leave your kids at home with a babysitter or family member if you want to go to these places. this is no place for a kid.

2102 days ago

Corky Stanton    

The Catholic church is what you should be worried about. Not nudist resorts. Many people have grown up at nudist resorts and are better for it. Body acceptance is taught instead of body shame.

1585 days ago


Give me a break. We were born naked, and clearly the club is being ridiculously cautious and demanding that innocent arousal be hidden from people (people need to do sex ed properly - men get spontaneous erections that are NOT due to sexual thoughts and an erection in and of its self is harmless so it doesn't need to be hidden) - it doesn't mean it's happening BECAUSE of the kids!

But whilst I understand required nudity to avoid voyeurs, forcing a kid to disrobe is wrong, and a kid is hardly likely to be a voyeur

1517 days ago
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