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Civil War Averted in Bev Hills -- For Now

1/16/2009 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The battle over hired help in Bev Hills has been resolved -- score one for Southern maids.

A judge ruled yesterday that nannies, gardeners, et al. who work in a really exclusive area called Beverly Park can enter and exit through the gates that lead to homes owned by Denzel Washington, Sly Stallone and other bigshots.

Beverly Park has a North and South side. Denzel and other stars live on the North side and those homeowners had prohibited staff and others who work on the South side from using their gates. By the way, it's not that the South side is riddled with poverty -- Magic Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson and other bigwigs live there.

Now an L.A. County Superior Court judge has ordered a more perfect union. But like that other Civil War, the battle continues -- the Northerners will appeal.


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White man can`t JUMP>

2073 days ago


jackass all...

2073 days ago


Could they be any more petty? Makes me think less of Denzel as a person. There are people dying and the economy is in the toilet. They are worried about certain people using their gates? Grow the hell up! There are more important things in this world.

2073 days ago


What a bunch of @ssholes. Are they really so high an mighty that they can't let a gardener use their gate? I guess in their opinions their s#it doesn't stink, either.

2073 days ago


How do you know that everyone on the north side wanted this...right you don't

2073 days ago


What a list of liberal losing, me first, money grubbing, has beens who never serve their country nor respect it. And we're supposed to look up to them as heroes? Yeah, like Plaxico.? Man caught a ball in a game and we're supposed to worship him? Dude didnt even do his homework in school and he gets hero status. Then shoots himself trying to show off to women he isnt even married to.

Pilot of flight 1549 is the real hero, not these selfish liberal save yourelf first jerks....the whole lot of them. Black, White, rich, richer.

2073 days ago


Judge didn't say nothing about charging a fee to cross?

2073 days ago


all those with green cards use the north entrance.
all those with no green card, continue shimmying under the south side fence.

2072 days ago

Mary M.    

They make me sick. Let's stop watching their movies so they become the "Nobodies" that they think us "little people" are.
Rich Elitist snob jerks need to be totally ignored. DON'T buy their movies DON'T rent their movies Don't pay to see their movies and DON'T watch any TV shows they are on. They need to fade into obscurity.
And Sylvester Stallone? Puh-lease!

2071 days ago

Ish in San Francisco    

IT is not a matter of being a jackass. I think any sane person would like to control access to their private homes as well. It is a matter of personal security and comfort. Unless there is also a security officer who is willing to verify the identities of all person's entering the gates & then personally escort them to their work sites it seems like the home owners would be LIABLE for any number of things by allowing access. Case in point, do you trust your neighbor's friends enough to let them unto and off of YOUR property... even when you are not at home? All people should enjoy the same rights wether or not they are celebrities. Why did the judge not order access along "public" property lines?

2060 days ago


Gee I wish I had a gate,nanny,cook,or gardener. They need a life.

2060 days ago


The comments by Ish sound to me like one of those who own a home like that or condone this brand of segregation by work class.

2060 days ago

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