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Marisa Miller Exposes Her Victoria's Secret

1/20/2009 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller took her girls for a swim in St. Barts on Monday.

That's one hot mama.


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when are going to realize and No I am not a fat woman
I am in great shape with my own body parts
that these gals are five foot ten and a hundred and fifteen pounds and fake books and fake lips
most of these gals embody that look
it is the look
too skinny with fake boobs
very few VS' gals have real boobs
very few!

2072 days ago



It has nothing do with not eating. It's called cardio, try it some time.

2072 days ago


Where is the love?? I'm guessing most people on here are adults. Why do opinions have to be responded to with insults? And people wonder what wrong with our youth. Now play nice. I agree with most, she does look a tad unhealthy.

2072 days ago


seriously, she should put on about 5 lbs.. just enough to cover some of the bones in the hip area.. otherwise, she is a gorgeous woman.. just alittle too skinny.. i find victoria secret models sexier than most b/c of their curves...and no, i'm not a fatty hating on some skinny girl either...

2072 days ago


I looked like this when I was in college, all boney. I also only ate and apple and a cup of lettuce a day to maintain it and my hair fell out in handfuls, so you are right "not a fatty" being emaciated is so much healthier than eating a full meal and having some curves and a few extra pounds on your frame.

Truth be told, I attract more men now that I'm 140 lbs than I did when I was 100 lbs. Real men like curves, actually real men like women for who they are not just what their bodies look like or what you eat. If I wanted to attract 18 year old boys then I would starve myself again.

2072 days ago


a long long time ago people roamed the earth as nomads and didn't necessarily eat everyday and therefor needed fat stores. this is 2009 and i'm pretty sure we have readily available food. so we don't need lots of fat stores. so all of you people who think "curves(fat)" are in, are just as annoying as the people who are all like "real women have pubic hair." no. nasty. hair was designed to keep us warm. we have coats now. to keep us warm. no ones needs to be all nasty fat and hairy. get with the twenty first century. so don't be lazy. take an aerobics class and get a wax.

2072 days ago


Hey Jim

I DO Cardio 5 days a week and I don't have my BONES sticking out...I have a nice shape with nice curves, being 5'7 and 130lbs that is called HEALTHY, however for people like you, I gather I am fat right.

ps: Jim must be a male Ana since he got so jumpy about my comment....again FOOD feeds the BRAIN...TRY IT!!

2072 days ago



Marisa Miller also does yoga and pilates and other cardio. Again just because you are skinny doesn't mean you don't eat. Soem people just have very good motabolisms and work out a lot. Oh and I could care less about your measurments and weight, you are not the one who is a super model.

2072 days ago


WOW..omg this has got to be one of the most SEXY pic i have seen in a long time..Dayuuuuuuuum this chick has got it going on...

This is why men make money and stay in shape..For this EXACT reason right

If your body dont look like this you are DEF doing something wrong. NOW this is what a WOMAN should look like

2072 days ago


Jessica mature a little and realize that everyone find different things attractive. Some people like curves, some like bones, some like hair, some don't. Its called diversity. Hopefully you can find someone finds douche bags attractive.

2072 days ago


Seriously Jim, what's your deal with the Cardio??? Doesn't it make sense that to be able to DO Cardio PROPERLY it all has to do with FOOD since FOOD provides you with ENERGY....oh unless your a Pill Popper.

You truly must love banging a bone

2072 days ago


She is definately NOT hot. She is way too skinny. Would you eat ribs with no meat? Didn't think so.

2072 days ago


Be Skinny, Be Fat, I don't presonally care, be a Model or be a Bum, doesn't affect me none, I am healthy and I am proud to post my height and weight....sure I aint no super model, but that's only because I like FOOD and wouldn't give it up for a career in starving myself.

Another note - I DO know some peoples metabolisms are different, but I have seen past picture of this woman and she did not look that skinny all her life....she had a nice shape before, now it's all bones.

2072 days ago

just sayin    

I do believe most models are under contract to be a certain size. So its not her fault it the industries fault. Besides she probably makes more money than all of us. Food is an addiction any ways. Thats why its easier to be curvy. When she is done with her career she can be curvey like the rest of you.

2072 days ago


ok, she's got a beautiful face but seriously, you can see her ribs through her back. If that was your child, you'd tell them to eat something. and they say the camera adds ten pounds. jeez, hopefully she doesn't die of heart failure.

2072 days ago
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