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Did Barack and Michelle ... You Know ... Do It?

1/21/2009 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Be honest -- you thought about it.

He just became the most powerful man on the planet -- but after one helluva long day and 10 inaugural balls, ya think President Obama and First Lady Michelle ... uh, consummated the presidency?


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There's no way that Barry and Michelle LaVaughan did anything of a sexual nature.

First: She's repulsive--her hatred permeates her entire being.
Second: Everyone (except the main stream media) knows that Barry would rather do it with boys.

2032 days ago


If McCain was black and Obama was white. I guarantee you people would have voted for McCain LMAO I have seen tons of interviews were black people dont know one dam policy of Obamas or his running mate what does that tell you?

Congrats to Barrack Hussein Osama we know have our first Muslim, Kenyan, AMerican, hawaiian, president lmao YOu are now free to do what you want to screw up our country Black people can now do what they want. As I seen in an interview with a black person they said" I dont have to work anymore we have a black president" lmao WE are now free to do whatever you want maybe one day the black people that voted for you just because you are black will learn your policies. Congrats B. Hussein Osama you can now have all the celebrities you want over to the White house and throw al the parties you can handle and you can now demolish the famous bowling alley in the white house and put up your basketball court and have all the brothers over so you can become a bigger celebrity.

Congrats Celebrity B. Hussein Osama

Politicians and celebrities lie and cheat thats in there nature they have been doing it for years none of you will ever know them or what they are really like it is just a show for the cameras. I also guarantee you that none of you guys were slaves or experienced racism. thats just people using that as an excuse for there own mistakes and problems
A note for anyone who wants to become president dye you skin black and you will win people dont need to know your policies just need to know your black :)

2098 days ago


Change I can belive in.
A first lady I will imagine myself having sex with.
YES we can!!

2098 days ago


It had not crossed my mind, but one thing I know for certain: TMZ writers are morons.

2098 days ago

Just Jenn    

That's a very tasteless comment.

2098 days ago


TMZ is pathetic...have a little respect.

2098 days ago


Come on, TMZ... Granted, I do believe that the first couple has a very passionate love life. But after days of preparation and a full day of inauguration, I believe they were probably too tired to do anything but fall fast asleep. Did this question come up with the Bushes or the Clintons? Don't buy into stereotypes, TMZ. It's not cool.

2098 days ago


Hussein...word of advice. If you want anyone to take your idiotic views seriously, learn how to spell and use grammar.

2098 days ago


Maybe they did the "Monica thing" in his new office

2098 days ago

silly me    

Is it just me or does anyone else find it wierd that we are talking about the President of the United States on a celebrity gossip site. I want my president, republican or democrat to be taken seriously not treated like a hollywood celebrity. What's next, "President Obama Checks into Rehab"? The whole thing yesterday with the "Obamarama" backdrop was just a little creepy.

Also, I could care less whether they "did it" or not.

2098 days ago


they were waaaaaaay too tired

2098 days ago

99centz romantic.....after 15 year'z of marrige,I couldt even look at my x wife'z 200 pound face!!!It'z going to take time people,but he'll get the country up & running!!!

2098 days ago


Funny #6 - hope "that" one doesn't breed.

2098 days ago


silly me---where you been babe? Missed all the celebs at his inauguration? He did this to himself. I can't take him seriously for that reason alone....

2098 days ago


With each other?

2098 days ago
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