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K-Fed's New Gal Plays Mommy for Brit's Kids

1/21/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's not gonna like this.

K-Fed and his new girlfriend, Victoria Prince, took Sean Preston and Jayden James out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Fresno this weekend -- where Prince played the role of interim mom.

We gotta give it to her, Victoria looks like she's pretty good with them.


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no else has said it - but it's obvious - they both suck as parents. I wouldn't leave my child with them for more than a minute. You've got a mentally-unstable mom (who may or may not do drugs) who had to be forcibly removed from her home, and then you have her dad, who seems pretty much to be a deadbeat.

Have sympathy for the kids.. not the parents....

2099 days ago


Sorry, but maybe now she knows how Shar Jackson felt when she was PREGNANTand Britney was sleeping with her man and playing with her daughter!

2099 days ago

Ellie Mae Clampett    

Why do people constantly make excuses for this Britney’s complete lack of responsibility and adult common sense? Everything is always everyone else’s fault, not hers. They blame her for marrying K-Fed, who I really don’t think is gold-digger her crazy fans make him out to be, they blame her parents and manager for conservatorship, they blame the media for her being caught on camera acting like a lunatic. She’s never going to be able to take responsibility for her own life and destiny if idiots continue to coddle her like a child. She’s a grown-ass woman, it’s time she started acting like it.

2099 days ago


Ok dont you think K-Fed needs to get a job. Everyone gets on Britney about giving up her kids. Actually if you ask me, at least she is honest about needing help. We could have her wack out and end up in a really bad situation. Britney gets the short end of the stick, but really K-Fed should be the one. Hell, he has like 3 or 4 kids all to 2 different moms. Oh and yes both were stars with money!!

2099 days ago


Other people raise her kids while she pumps more sleaze into this world with her filthy lyrics and crusty crotch shots.

2099 days ago


I hear Victoria likes sucking on Sean and Jayden.

2099 days ago


Please remember that Britney GAVE UP her custody rights to Kevin in exchange for being allowed to do her Circus Tour scheduled to begin in March. Her "comeback" meant more to her (and her managers/handlers) than her children. Now that she has relinquished her legal rights, Kevin is going about the business of making a "normal" life for himself and the boys. If these pictures of Sean Preston and Jayden James disturb Britney, that's too bad. She has to live with the consequences of her actions...payback's a bitch.

The kids look fine, well cared for and loved. Britney's "feelings" are of absolutely NO concern. So what if another woman is nurturing her boys: she only wants them around when they're convenient for photo-ops and wants to appear "normal" to her adorning fans. Britney has stated her egocentric agenda and it's time for everyone to accept it.

2099 days ago


They're on welfare and Britney's the Goverment.

2099 days ago


#32 De- You're right. I remember seeing pictures of Britney holding Kevin and Shar's daughter and being on the cover of People while she and Kevin were engaged. And Shar was about to give birth to her second child with Kevin. Britney's totally getting a dose of her own medicine. It's gotta suck for her when she see's these pictures of her boys with the new girlfriend who is able to be with her sons unsupervised and as often as she wants. Hopefully she'll handle this very well. Britney and Kevin both have dated other people since their divorce. Victoria isn't Kevin's first relationship since his split with Britney. He's able to be more under the radar with his dates because he's not, well...Britney Spears.

2099 days ago


Britney knew going in that Kevin was in a relationship with Shar and had children with him. She should have known that if he would run around on Shar that he would run around on her too. What is it with Britney going after guys that are either married or in a relationship? She doesn't care about anyone except herself. Too bad if she is hurt seeing pictures of her kids with Prince. She didn't seem to mind wrecking the lives of other women and children by stealing their husbands/dads. I think it is rather biased to blast Kevin for not having a steady job (not that I don't agree he needs to work). But if things were the other way around - i.e. Kevin was loaded, Britney had custody of the kids, was getting child support and not working - all of Brit's fans would be praising her for "putting her career on hold to be with her children".

2099 days ago


Friday, February 29, 2008
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2099 days ago


Kevin is a great dad and she looks like a good mother figure. Lord knows these kids need one. Britney Spears does not love them, all she cares about is herself and her weird need to constantly show the world she can't sing. The woman loves to make an azz of herself. I would have killed myself or hidden in a closet from embarrassment for the rest of my pathetic life if I had done the things she did. Everybody hates her now and she goes around in public thinking no one will remember. I, for one, will never get the images of this skanks nasty crotch out of my head. She is unfit as a mother, a human and needs to go away forever.

2099 days ago


Judith - i suppose you are mother of the year??!!

2099 days ago

Tony B    


2099 days ago

Tony B    


2099 days ago
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