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Linda Hogan -- My Gardener's a Spy!!!

1/22/2009 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He doesn't just cut the grass -- Linda Hogan claims her groundskeeper is a double agent, spilling secrets to the enemy!

Hulk & Linda: Click to watch
The alleged 007-style yardworker was the reason Linda and Hulk went face to face earlier today in a Florida courtroom. Linda was demanding Hulk reimburse her for paying their groundskeeper from her own pocket -- a payment the Hulkster is responsible for. The judge sided with Linda, and told Hogan to pay up.

But here's where it gets interesting: In court papers filed last week, Linda alleges Hulk "Spies on Wife by constantly questioning Mr. Cruz regarding Wife's visitors to the marital home. Husband demands Mr. Cruz provide him with all information regarding when visitors arrive, leave, which rooms they occupy, etc."

Hulk denies the spying allegations.


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sale the house its to much of a problem

1978 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2067 days ago


if you cant believe the hulk..ster who can you b-lieve???

2067 days ago

Capt Jack    

Whole entire family is white trash. They are so disgusting.

2067 days ago


That stupid lazy sorry excuse for a woman needs to get off her butt and get a job. She is sooo pathetic. Maybe if she quit spending all her money on her 19 yr old boyfriend shed have money to pay for stuff herself. and if she thinks he likes her for anything more than the gifts and the publicity shes crazier than i had thought

2067 days ago


Oh for God's sakes!! Why do you guys report about these two loosers!!!! She is nothing but a skank w$%^e and he is an old geezer has been. No one cares about them or their looser kids!!! Lets get a clue TMZ!!!!

2067 days ago


Linda, it's not george who is stabbing you in the back. - You got bugs.

Someone has placed electronic evasdropping devices into your home, and is spying on you. You car is bugged also.

2067 days ago


Hulk should hire Baretta to have this skank killed.

2067 days ago


I pray you read this. Look to the lord for guidance and you will see that we all love you. AND, what better way to repay that love, then by doing porn. LINDA, take control of your life by doing porn. Think of someone else for a change and make the world a better place at the same time. The holy father is watching and he wants you to do porn. Porn would also help with this messy family situation. OUr prayers are with you.

2067 days ago


If Hulk is the one paying the gardner, then technically that would make the gardner Hulk's employee. Therefore Hulk is entitled to inquire about what transpires on the property that the gardner (or any other person under his hire) is paid to service. If Linda doesn't want her business told to their rightful employer, then she should either move out of the house and buy one with her own money, or pay for those services herself & have them sign a confidentiality agreement.

2067 days ago


I can't believe she said that this is a "Man's world". She's basically getting a ton of alimony and doing absolutely nothing with her life except whoring around the US with this pock face 19 yr old loser. Oh yeah it's a man's world alright.

2067 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Brooke wasn't nowhere close to these two dumb ass people,she,s in Miami getting fatter by the day,she should have taken Playboys offer,it will be her last offer to pose nude unless it's porn,I can honestly say that Hulk and Linda screw-up two kids,and a young man life that will never get out of bed ever again.The only PEOPLE THAT ARE RESONSABLE SHOULD BE IS HULK AND LINDA, THEY SHOULD BE PAYING!!!!!! BUT NO THEY THINK THAT FIGHTING OVER A GARDENER WOULD BE MORE FUN, THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE TRASH THAT SHOULD BE DUMPED

2067 days ago


Linda, GET A JOB!

2067 days ago

Carrys F.    

First of all who cares? Second of all, don't smart people with tv shows (I hate to misuse the word celebrity here, since it is the Hogans) have their employees sign confidentiality agreements so they don't run off and tell their dirty little secrets? I'm just saying . . .

2067 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Welcome to my F`N world right TMZ?.CBS owns every house with 10 miles of me scores of scores and AT&T steals me blind 4hoolywoodzx mobster masonicSS.I would have been the world`s first TRILLIONARE but NO....I got get R/F`ed to death by NASA UNL george beatle center CBS hallmarkSS hall of shameSS.CHANGE forget it the trilates run the world not our goverment?.I had the garden party once were you there?.Tower cams sound scans marfe turus earth mics ground radars.

2067 days ago
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