Linda Hogan -- My Gardener's a Spy!!!

1/22/2009 5:20 PM PST

Linda Hogan -- My Gardener's a Spy!!!

He doesn't just cut the grass -- Linda Hogan claims her groundskeeper is a double agent, spilling secrets to the enemy!

The alleged 007-style yardworker was the reason Linda and Hulk went face to face earlier today in a Florida courtroom. Linda was demanding Hulk reimburse her for paying their groundskeeper from her own pocket -- a payment the Hulkster is responsible for. The judge sided with Linda, and told Hogan to pay up.

But here's where it gets interesting: In court papers filed last week, Linda alleges Hulk "Spies on Wife by constantly questioning Mr. Cruz regarding Wife's visitors to the marital home. Husband demands Mr. Cruz provide him with all information regarding when visitors arrive, leave, which rooms they occupy, etc."

Hulk denies the spying allegations.