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Brangelina: More Homes Than Kids

1/23/2009 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Transient supercouple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are schlepping their armies of children, nannies and assorted minions to Malibu Namibia New Orleans France Long Island and temporarily settling down in this $60 million 48-acre mansion.

Brad and Angelina

Located on Suffolk County's North Shore, the estate features two helipads, a private dock and an ELEVEN bedroom staff house. The Oscar nominated lovebirds are renting the property while Angie shoots her latest film in the area.

No word if local schools will be able to handle the overcrowding.


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19 Burrman Rd, Lloyd harbord, NY That is the exactly address

2001 days ago


Is it really necessary to have a house that big ? It can be a hotel for God's sake

1979 days ago


lonnie again first

2068 days ago


Tired hearing about them. With all these kids and move several times like New Orleans, France for example, they don't seemed to know how to settle down. Poor kids.

2068 days ago



2068 days ago

Off The Rack    

Seriously?! All this moving around can not be good for those kids. Being pulled out of school and put into new schools twice a year or more? When they all grow up, they'll never be able to have stable relationships, they'll be commitmentphobes. Surely, the superparents have read about this!

2068 days ago


if angelina REALLY cared about world hunger and poverty, she would be spending her money to help the less fortunate rather than living so extravagantly. she could cut her conspicuous spending over 90% and STILL live much more comfortably than most upper middle class americans. does she really need all these houses, cars, designer clothes, and all the other luxury items? no. especially NOT when shes supposed to be a "humanitarian". whatever angelina.

2068 days ago


60 million on one home, what a waste of money. How many homeless people can be hpused for that kind of cash?
Stars have there prorities in the wrong places, and they take themselves out of the real world.

If it takes a house of 60 million, and a bunch of nannies , and all this over a persona of being a "STAR" i would rather live poor, and connect to the world.

2068 days ago


If your parent has never been in the service of his county or her county, then you know that families like to stay together. She is making a movie around there, the family will be together. Look at all the places these peoples children will have seen in their lifes. Good for them. Didn't like moving so much as a kids, but would not give those memories up today. We stayed together, so will they. Part of the problem with actors/actresses is they cannot stay together while one is making a movie. Cheating starts, ask Julia Robets husbands wife, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruises wife's and every other performer out there. Good for them, what ever happened in the past, they are trying to keep the family together and I say Good for them, and the rest of you can go pluck a duck.

2068 days ago


You know who really cares how they flaunt their money.

2068 days ago


What happened to the I'm going to stay home and take care of the kids?

2068 days ago


Those poor children have no stability in their lives. These 2 bohemian nuts inflict their idiotic lifestyle on innocents, just like Travolta does. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are about as childish as they come. I don't think they are fit to be parents! But of course, they have enough money to buy them.....

2068 days ago


Cool the house is big enough Brad should be able to find lots of places to hide from Crazylina, he can hide out and get drunk and pretend he never hooked up with that crazy bitch.

2068 days ago


Oh, yes! Let's have a boatload of kids for other people to raise!

2068 days ago


the people who keep these two fame w*ores and their 8 (12? 19? how many?) children on the cover of people magazine are probably opposed big time to adoption by same-sex couples (for religious reasons, of course)

2068 days ago
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