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Guess Who This Kid Turned Into!

1/23/2009 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before becoming an international celeb, he was just another American boy growing up in the '60s. Can you guess who he is?!

Who dat?


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OMG... so cute!!!

2102 days ago


how ridiculously easy...ah well

2102 days ago


The 1964 Pontiac Tempest, in the background, gave it away...

2102 days ago


Was gonna say Forrest Whitaker, But my bad. Salutes our president......

2102 days ago


This is the man that will be the official leader will bring America back to when it was "discovered". Now the American people are the Native Americans and soon for safety and preservation, we will define our own reservations. God help us!

2102 days ago


Don't forget he is half white. Great looking President.

2102 days ago


"Who dat?!" Talk about racial profiling right there. Way to be on the cusp of things per usual.

2102 days ago



2102 days ago


please wait momentarily, while we wait shortly for the O-haters to show up.... if one thing can be said, they're predictable :)

I'll wrap up their bitching with bullet points, to make it convenient for the rest of us not to have read their funny posts, and save some time..

1) waaah... Obama is taking away our liberties (not sure how they came to this conclusion after 72 hours in office, but oh well)
2) waah - He's a Muslim - they're convinced he's Muslim - (don't have to explain this one - if they haven't figured it out yet that he's Christian, they never will.
3) He'll take away my liberties - well, this has already happened.. except the guy was bush... remember the Patriot Act, which allows the government to spy on any U.S. citizen without getting a warrant.

well, I could go on, but I"m sure they'll have some creative ones...

I'll start it off for the Repubs with an accusation

The aliens are in contact with the White House, who are in contact with the underworld people to put into action a plan that will strip us of our jobs, money, and freedom... it's true - Karl Rove told me himself.... LOL

2102 days ago


Oh great Obama!.....been President for two days and the stock market has fell quicker than Oprah's panties when he walks in the room.

2102 days ago


Hmm. Still not sure he IS American...

Sam, I guess you believe everything you read (if you can call it that). The President is ONE person; he/she does not control the country entirely. We, the people, elect congressional leaders as well. So while you may hate Bush or love Obama, please brush up on how the Government actually works. Also, note that we were safe (no thanks to Clinton) for some time. Let's hope our new Commander in Chief knows what he is doing and keeps us safe...

2102 days ago


The man who is quickly killing our liberties, freedoms and safety. Hope the Nobama supporters can sleep at night.

This is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on our country.

2102 days ago


Here are some solutions for people who consider themselves to be 'the victim' Un-like our Bi-racial President who you can look up to, but not Idolize.

1) You have to get off the porch
2) You have to work in this country to gain wealth
3) Big brothers pants are not your pants
4) Freedom is not free, it takes work.
5) Actions speak louder
6) With an education, you can get past asking if you'd like fries with your meal.
7) Safe sex works
8) English is our spoken language, it's taught in SCHOOL
9) If you can form a gang, you can form a neighborhood clean-up committee
10) We don't idolize people, we idolize GOD
11) Lead by example
12) Take responsibilty for your actions
13) Quit the excuses and the blaming, it has gotten you 'no where'
14) You don't have to exchanged freedom for incarceration, not a smart choice.
15) Tribal is uncivilized
16) "Belts" keep your pants up.
17) The economy will take a turn for the worse if you think SAM should support you
18) You are owed nothing
19) Never forget the values that made this great country what it is.
20) Racism is only an excuse to keep you from doing anything productive, all day
21) Prosperity is your word for the day. Look it up in a DICTIONARY, if you don't know what it means
22) Majority rules does not mean poverty and prison

God Bless
Now off to school and/or work you go

2102 days ago

Dyna ™    

I thought he looked like Jamie Foxx. I am loving how the majority of the US and World are liking this guy! Sure beats being embarrassed about the last jackass that left! ;D

2102 days ago

Dyna ™    

#8, Sam! So funny and SO right... 2 post later, there's beachy!! What a bunch of tools they are!! ;D

2102 days ago
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