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Yo-Yo Ma Nailed in Presidential Cover Up

1/23/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There was a giant government conspiracy at Obama's inauguration -- concocted to keep Yo-Yo Ma from being exposed as a fraud!

The most famous classical musician on the planet pulled an Ashlee Simpson of sorts at Obama's inauguration -- as in, the music you heard was really a tape recording of his group that they had made two days before the ceremony!

Mr. Ma claims the deception was in the best interests of the country, because it was just too cold for his all-star string quartet's instruments to stay in tune.

Yo Yo MaBefore you go comparing them to Milli V, however, let's be clear: Yo-Yo, Itzy, and the others actually played on that track -- and they also played live, exactly in sync.

And Mr. Ma gave us fair warning when we caught up with him before of the chill factor.

(Aretha, by the way, sang live, but her backing music was taped.)


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this is not a big deal, obviously these expensive instruments do not perform well in exceptionally cold weather, duh!!

2068 days ago


Both Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman play Stradivarius instruments. They were made in around 1714. Do you really think that cold weather is going to allow them to play without going out of tune. As a cellist myself I'm glad they used a track, because people would have wondered why they sounded like ass.

2068 days ago

Me in DC    

The only complaint I had about the music was Aretha Franklin butchering the National Anthem!

2068 days ago


What isn't staged at the Obama camp? They even release their own propaganda photos, instead of the usual press taking the pictures.

2068 days ago


I can understand the reason for this - it was damned cold! Also, everyone should give big kudos for Aretha for being such a good sport and singing live - it was really too cold for her to be doing that and was probably painful. She normally has pretty strict guidelines for the temps she performs in, but she did a HUGE service to our country. Stop talking bad about her - she is better than you, hands down.

2068 days ago


I can't imagine any one wants a hat like Aretha was wearing. Dumbest hat I have ever seen.

2068 days ago


Well of course. As a musician playing in that cold is neigh unto impossible. I assumed it was recorded. Not only are your fingers freezing but that kind of cold changes the tone of the instrument.

2068 days ago


I don't think they brought out the most valuable instruments due to the cold. The Marine Band was already there and could easily have added another number.

The classical musicians should have played at an indoor event - like at the luncheon inside the Capitol.

I live in the area, and it was bitterly cold that day. That alone would have discouraged me from even trying to get down there in person. A friend with a ticket waited in line for hours to get through security.

2068 days ago


Hey number 4, your handle is so apt. NAD! I don't think Obama plans to STAGE a war based on false intelligence (that he, Cheney, and Rumsfeld KNEW was false) to revenge his daddy, kill tens of thousands of people, will cost 3 trillion dollars (based on a study that takes into account all costs of the war beyond it's possible end) and bankrupt our country, make Cheney and his friends at Halliburton rich with no-competition bids, embarass us around the globe, and infringe on his own citizens personal freedoms in the name of security, that hasnt made us any more secure according to virtually any study that has investigated security at airports and places like nuclear powerplants. So if you want to get a little bent over a staged photo op be my guest. Do you really believe that Bush didn't put out any propaganda photos? Of course you do.

2068 days ago


Mr. Ma is right, instruments don't stay in tune if it is too cold or too hot. I had wondered if they didn't pull a Milli Vanilli at the time.

2068 days ago


It is true about string instruments that you cannot keep them in tune in extreme weather conditions (hot or cold) so LAY OFF YO YO MA and the OTHERS because they do have REAL talent.

2068 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

7 DEAD in Afghan Drone Attack. 7 innocent Afghani people dead!!!!!! OBAMA LIED, PEOPLE DIED!!!

2068 days ago


Aretha had breathing problems which led to her leaving out key words of My Country Tis of Thee---wont someone please work with her to lose weight? Do you really want to see her die early for being that Obese and having breathing problems?

Yo Yo and Pearlman should have played "Girl You Know Its True" instead of that partial Star Wars nonsense. Add in the flubbing of the Oath and it all adds up to a Bad Omen of things to come. I hope not, but my goodness 150million spent on this thing and they have these kinds of flubs? Shameful planning.

7 Muslims assinated today in Pakistan, where we're not even supposed to be, by a man who is about to set free known terrorists from Gitmo---or bring them to your backyard Jail. HOw nice of him huh? Jimmy Carter all over again with a Bill Clinton slyness to him..

2068 days ago

river rat    


Ummm, Amy, Aretha did not sing the national anthem. She sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee".

2068 days ago

bsb fan    

Hey # 3, Amy... Aretha didn't sing the national Anthem... she sang “My Country, ’Tis of Thee”

And I have/had no problem with them using a taped recording, because those are successful musicians who have proven time and time again that they can play their instruments amazingly... they are no Ashlee Simpson.

And it was freezing outside, it would be very difficult to play stringed instruments in the cold...

This is not news, get over it!

2068 days ago
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