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Creepy Playground Donation

1/25/2009 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin LazardWhen is the gift of playground equipment disgustingly creepy? When the former actor who made the donation was busted for allegedly exposing himself at the exact same park a few years prior.

Justin F. Lazard -- who appeared in hit movies like "Species 2" and "The Giving Tree" -- gifted $28,000 in equipment to Library Park in Lakeport, CA, which had its ribbon cutting ceremony last week.

Problem is, Lazard is the same guy who was tasered by cops in a 2006 incident, in which he was allegedly sitting on a railing at Library Park pleasuring himself with his genitals exposed, according to the Lake County News.

Cops told the LCN that when they approached Lazard, he refused to stop doing what he was doing and then actually began fighting with the fuzz.

Lazard faces one count of annoying/molesting and one count indecent exposure. The trial begins in March. Lazard faces up to a year in jail if convicted, and he'll have to register as a sex offender.

The creepiest part? The park's plaque, which reads, "This playground is dedicated to the children of Lakeport, CA, Creating Childhood Memories. Donate by Justin Lazard 2008."


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Ahh I now see that #43 has been posting under my name a lot today. IMITATION is a sincere form of flattery but that is not ME, the original poster under this name.. just an imitating MORON. Same with # 17 nd #21... FAKE

2064 days ago


Whoops, i meant #41

2064 days ago


Just a thought - maybe he feels bad and he's trying to make amends.

2064 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Ms. Tell it like it is,

Please be advised that post 28 is not me...but I still find you a repellent common filth. Supposedly in your "free" country you are innocent until proven seems you have had your own trial for this man in your simple little mind.

Please don't throw the Nazi thing in my face... should I assume because you are an American that you are a ignorant, right to lifer that doesn't believe in evoloution?

I wish I could bury you alive and then empty my bowels on your grave!

mach es dir selber scheisskopf,



2064 days ago


He starred opposite Jennifer Lopez [she was his fiance] in a short-lived CBS prime time soap 'Second Chances' in 1993-94. After that J Lo hit it big.

2064 days ago


#46 Mike aka Jean Summers-I can fit into my h.s. cheerleader uniform..can u? Confused aren't you?
No wonder you stick up for this deviant, you cross dressing, public defecating loser - misery loves company.
Thankfully none of the Germans I grew up with over there were not sad, pitiful scheisskopfs such as yourself.

2064 days ago


creeps are people too. poo-poo to you mr poo-poo man! eat the poop and the gooop and flush the gloop in the poopster. poo-poo to you mr poo poo man and may you all eat poo-poo tooo!!!

2064 days ago

Gemma G    

TMZ you have really done it this time.

2064 days ago


this story was allegedly leaked from the Lake County prosecutor's office by DDA Ed Borg, a less than reputable public servant who witheld evidence and had a 58 year old grandmother locked up for 40 days for tree hugging. He is also reputed to be a pot smoker and to have gone light on drug dealers in Humbolt count in return for product. He was discharged along with the rest of his pot smoking cronies when their boss was brought down for plagiarism and corruption charges. So apparently, old Ed is not so clean himself and is maybe trying to compensate for that by going hard on the mentally ill and trying to clean his own conscience. Time will tell how long he remains in office if he keeps playing by his own sinister rules.

2064 days ago

Gemma G    

yeah - and Saddam Hussein had WMD's. That was why we sent our soldiers to die. You idiots will believe anything. And you deserve everything you get - from the comments I read.

The charge was indecent exposure. Not public masturbation, nor public masturbation in front of children.
The guy could have been pissing in the park.

TMZ - you have really sunk to low depths this time. What a fish story. Shame on you. Shame.

I understand he donated the playground out of gratitude for the expected birth of his first child, and for the shame he felt for either taking a public wiz, or streaking. But the official arrest was at night, and there were no children around.

2064 days ago


I agree with the people who said Germany sucks, I've lived here for 2 yrs now.. and no matter what part i go to. It SUCKS! and they are rude people who hate life, and they think their country is the best, which it isnt. Its full of sadness, hate, and anything negative you can think of. Its been rare that I've come across with a German thats been actually nice and have nothing against other people from other countries

2064 days ago


wow someone said he was on Friends?
i could see that happening touching on the child who haa and all....

2064 days ago


Yes, Germany has the uglies people. Not to mention they smell! like armpits! it bothers me to go shopping downtown because the places always stink of armpits! And rude rude RUDE people everywhere. Not to mention their food is crap! I think USA ans Spain is soo much better. Germany SUCKS PERIOD.

2064 days ago

Venice Christ    

Gemma G is Lazard..
I hope you are reaping the whirlwind my friend..
Thou shalt not steal.. especially from me.
I am enjoying your pain.

It will be over soon.. I want to slide down the slides at lazard park in my underwear

2064 days ago

Venice Christ    

Shannon Post is Lazard also.. only the defendant would know so much about the case..
This poster knows from experience that J Lazard Hogan has lost what little he haves left..
For all interested in the death throws of this D actors "career" please understand that he is sick..
sick about his failures and truly sorry for the evil inside his filthy rotten soul

He will repent, he will be judged, and he is reading every post in massive pain..
GBY my friend, stay off the pipe..

2064 days ago
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