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Tyler Perry's

House of Pain

1/25/2009 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0125_tyler_perry_2-1Tyler Perry -- the dude who earned $125 mil between June 2007 - 2008 and produced shows like "House of Payne" -- is being accused of deadbeat-ism over his house.

Several contractors claim they did work on Perry's 30,000 square foot palace overlooking the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, only to be stiffed. They've slapped a lien on Perry's home and business.

Perry, whose dad ironically was a contractor who was always broke because he didn't get paid what he was due, claims the work he didn't pay for was either shoddy or undocumented.

Perry told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "There's a Tyler Perry tax that's put on things."


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lesbians rock    

Yet another no talent that doesn't deserve the riches he's got. When you "earn" that much money in one year's time, you want to keep it all, and screw the little people over.

2098 days ago


"Yet another no talent that doesn't deserve the riches he's got..." Whether he has talent or not can be debated. But if he wrote the movie, directed the movie, acted in the movie, and people pay to go see it, he deserves some (if not most) of the take.

2098 days ago


Contractors are all shady over charging crooks anyway. Take em to court bro and fight it don't pay them one cent.

2098 days ago


Tyler Perry is multi-talented and smart. I bet there is a Tyler Perry's tax,.

2098 days ago


What an ego maniac. This guy is always dropping his name, a tyler perry tax, tyler perry house of pain.

I actually watched that show once, and it is rotten. Every dumb black guy joke.....100% boring.
It's obvious he is a big homosexual who needs to come out of the closet.

2098 days ago

gag me    

You guys are so jealous of Tyler Perry- hilarious. He doesn't give a crap what you think! He has enough money that if the contractors had done the work properly they would have been paid, so obviously they screwed up the work. He's making a STATEMENT. Get it?

The House of Payne is the new Cosby Show, so get over it, Madea is so funny, his movies make you think.

2097 days ago


Tyler Perry has worked hard for YEARS to write, produce and star in the plays that can now be find on television and in a theater near you. I'm not really a fan, but please believe this man worked hard for his money. He might be new to you, but many people have been paying to go to his shows long before Hollywood came calling. Anyways, regarding the contractor -- there are always two sides to the who knows whether someone got paid the right amount or not until a court decides.

2097 days ago

sabrina collins    

yeah tyler honey you is boo so every hater can just stop the talk so pray for your brother don.t beat him down love you tyler

2096 days ago


his behavior is nothing short of criminal. the tyler perry tax a crap - the 'contractors' that are working for him and have worked for him are decent people that are charging what you charge for a house of that size and quality. he fails to understand what it takes to do suck an enormous house. while he has tremendous talent and a truely amazing story, his lack of respect for the same person his father was blows my mind. just pay the people what they are owed - im sure your bank account wont even notice.

2095 days ago


I don't blame Tyler for not paying them. When you have money sometimes people try to take advantage of you because they feel that you won't say anything due to fear of looking like a cheap scape but Tyler refused to pay. Good for you Tyler. I say fight it too. Don't give in. I am in Real Estate and you really have to watch it and I believe that there was a Tyler Perry tax implementation.

1657 days ago

sha na na    

whatever, all i know is that he has the dumbest f'n show in history taking up space on TBS. it is a show for the brothers and sistas and i doubt they watch it.

1477 days ago

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