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Jessica Simpson: This Is How She Rolls

1/26/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Double-belted into her mom jeans, former pop singer/reality TV star turned attempted country crooner Jessica Simpson appeared at some sort of chili cook-off concert in Florida this weekend.

It is unclear if she was there to perform or just judge.

UPDATE: Thanks to the folks at WKIS, there is footage of Jess performing "These Boots Are Made for Walking" at the cook-off -- and lets just say, it takes your mind right back to the days she rocked out to the same song in that extremely tiny red bikini...

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch


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No way this chick is pregnant. She is just doubling up on her chicken fried steak and gravy. Romo is a douchebag but he is probaly smart enough not to knock up that hick.

2104 days ago


I don't like the girl but come on she's NOT fat at all!! Not everyone is a size 0. She looks fine.

2104 days ago


One more comment! LOL. The video is hilarious because she is trying to dance and be sexy and she looks like chris farley in that snl skit with patrick swayze.

2104 days ago


She shouldn't have dumped Nick and got too big for her britches. She had a GREAT thing, but gave it all up thinking she was too good for him.. Sorry sweetie Nick was the best thing that ever happened to you. Now you are washed up and look horrible without him at your side.

2104 days ago


CAN'T DANCE OR SING, NEVER COULD! No matter what anyone says, this girl is getting chubbier and not in a good way. Anytime you have to wear two belts to cover up the belly (which ends of muffin top), wear jeans so tight, that your flat ass starts heading south, damn near dropping to the knees...your on your way to oompaloompaville. Her ass has become part of the thighs!!! If she ever gets pregnant, it's a done deal! Celebrity Fit Club will be next! Romo, man I know you can do better than this. You and Reggie must have shopped at the same 2nd hand store to pick up these pieces of trash...DAMN!

2104 days ago


I think you guys are absolutely ridiculous. So she's not a skinny size 00 , big deal. You can't please anyone it seems .. too skinny , you're "anorexic" and disgusting . A little bit of meat on your bones and you're a pig?
Grow up , you people are what is wrong with the world.

2104 days ago



Been around plenty.

2104 days ago


Kiersten, I thought it was fat people who "are what is wrong with the world." What a doofus.

2104 days ago


Why does everbody have to be a size 2, we love you Jessica just the way you are. I seen you on Friday night in N.C. You looked great. My daughter is one of your biggest fans. She got to meet you that night and it was a dream come true!!!!

2104 days ago


WOW!! She's not only a dumb a$$, now she's a fat a$$!!!!

2104 days ago


jessica is so gorgeous & is an amazing singer. i adore her!

2104 days ago


WHOA! That's all I can say!

2104 days ago


Anyone not in denial, for one reason or another, know that it's obvious that she's getting bigger. Her bf is physically active on a daily basis and can burn off what he eats, she is obviously not very active and retaining the majority of the calories of whatever she eats. She undebatably needs quite a bit more consistant daily physical activity and to eat smaller portions. Her body doesn't need the amount that she's putting in it. Yeah, she made a little fame on her boobs and figure, but she has sacrificed it all, and I'm sure she knows it. She's not quite a has-been, because you have to FIRST have been a "been", and she never was. A wannabe? I think it's fairly clear that she's stopped caring, very much. Let's just say that she made an attempt at stardom, had very little success, can still make a little money (at the expense of her humility), and will probably end up at the county fair nearest you, for the next twenty years. Fodder for jokes on late night monologues is probably her legacy.

2104 days ago


She looks fine and healthy. Women are vilified for being too fat, and being too thin.

2104 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Too post #118_______by whatever
Opinons are just like azz-holes...everyone has one...did you understand what i just stated???..what makes you such a music expert?....there are too many people cridical of her singing abilities ....i went to one of her concerts....and daummmmm....i should have saved my money.....the tart sounds awful.

2104 days ago
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