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Mayer Tape Recovered -- Unusual Girth Exposed

1/26/2009 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's good enough, and he's smart enough ... but did John Mayer carefully check his junky VCR before tossing it out of his NY apt. last week? We're definitely not sayin' that's where this "self-help" video came from, but....

John Mayer: Click to watch
Who knew John was so into daily affirmations? Jen probably did, because Mayer definitely took a shot at her ex-hubby's new movie.

By the way, the video was shot inside Mayer's cool NY digs.


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What a narcissist this guy is. And I'm not saying that because I'm taking his video seriously. I know it's a joke. What Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston saw/see in this guy is beyond me.

2015 days ago


John mayer is NOT FUNNY! Stick with music, this video was just plain WEIRD! I used to respect John Mayer as a musician but everytime I've seen him on a talk show, or commenting to the paparazzi, he is really wierd! I don't know what Jennifer Aniston sees in him because he is not good looking and comes off as insecure! And leave Brad Pitt alone, you're not in the same league as him and never will be! I really don't like you and wish Jennifer Aniston would wise up and dump your A_ _!

2045 days ago


Who cares what he thinks about anything or anyone...he's stupid enough and probalby did leave this in a vcr to be found later...he should really go back to singing for free on friday nights in bookstore coffee sections. the guy's a whacko obvious abuser of mind altering drugs.

2075 days ago


What?!? Is he preparing for a career in politics??!! What a cracker! You did good, Jen! NOT!! You 2 are the laughing stock of Hollyweird! LMAO!

2075 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Total "DOUCH-BAG" nuff said

2075 days ago


Why do you guys feel the need to go through rubbish to get stories? It is embarrassing at times to think about what you put yourselves through to create a story.

2075 days ago

bitch please    

Relax haters! This is obviously a joke!!! John is into comedy and I think this is hilarious!

What is really great is who do you think is laughing the hardest??? HE IS!!! He sees celebrity culture and worship for what it is, a huge joke!

I love this guy!

2075 days ago


this is actually quite funny...lmao

better than some comedians out there..

2075 days ago

northern gypsy    

stop's hilarious...he has a wicked sense of humour...i get it !!!

2075 days ago

Zonny VanRant    

Loser, waste of space, no talent smelling of cabbage...
Who cares what this idiot thinks?

2075 days ago


I really enjoy his comedy, he's very funny. Talented all around! Good for you John, all the idiots who post negative "thoughts" are just, well - idiots.

2075 days ago



2075 days ago


anyone who cant see that this was a joke and how funny this actually is - needs to get a fippn clue! John - you are a funny guy......

2075 days ago


There is nothing appealing about John Mayer. He's unattractive, NOT FUNNY and immature. Jennifer is so much better than him. The only think that is a joke is their relationship.

2075 days ago


The idiot here is Sarah who thinks John Mayer is talented. What a loser you are Sarah!

2075 days ago
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