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The Two Biggest Things to Ever Fit Inside Jenna

1/26/2009 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Glowing like only an expectant mother could, Jenna Jameson re-emerged over the weekend at an MMA event in Anaheim.

She is expecting twins in April. They should have no trouble popping out.


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WOW! What a difference a few years make! She was looking so deathly anorexic when I met her 2 years ago.. now her face looks normal! Really pretty! You go girl.

2103 days ago


For all you holier than thou people out talking about wait to her kids find and she is a whore, guess what you probably have done the same amount of people except she made 5 million a year doing it. How much did you make while you were sleeping with all the men you been with?
She is going to be the mother all the other moms envy and she is going to be the one all the husbands want to bang

2103 days ago


Damn she packed on them pounds.
Labor won't be an issue for her, she'll be popping the kids out and won't even feel it.

2103 days ago

LA Lozon    

Jenna-Please, please stop the plastic surgery on your face. You don't need it.

2103 days ago

John Edwards    

So who's your mom? oh, she was one of the biggest PORN STARS ever! Really what's a PORN STAR? Oh, let me show you some of her DVD's! Wow man, this is a great examplw why some people should be sterilized. Tito, I'm a big MMA fan and you have entertained me alot with some of your fights but what were you thinking hooking up with her? What an idiot.

2103 days ago


she's fugly... can i get the name of some of her movies though? I'm just curios lol

2103 days ago


Pregnant?! I always thought she spit that stuff out.

2102 days ago


Ugghhh she disgusts me. Having children when there are videos of you blowing guys and getting gang-banged. I truly, truly feel so sorry for those babies. School is going to be hell for them. Once the other kids find out who their mum is it will be awful. Kids can be extremely cruel, I can only imagine the bullying they will get. Imagine someone bringing a pic of your mum getting a facial from a group of guys. Jesus christ I feel sick just thinking of it! Jenna you are a slut and will always be a slut.

Heaven help those kids!

2102 days ago


Congrats for the pregnancy Jenna! Looks like that YEARS OF TRYING WITH DOZENS OF MEN FINALLY PAID OFF!!! At last, you figured out how to do it...

2102 days ago


Yep I agree with post #2. She's going to have a lot of explaining to do. "So mommy what kind of job did you have when you were my age?". "Umm, mommy used to be a plumber."

2102 days ago



hahahahaa....oh, finally some funny writing on TMZ!! Thank you thank you! That was really pretty good.'s because she has such a huge vagina, right?

From so much sex?

aaaaaaaaaahahahahaahahahahahaa FLOON the party god....gasp

2102 days ago


Kid'll be able to walk out of the womb.

2101 days ago


Personally, I very happy for Jenna. She wanted to be a mother for a while and she looks great for someone who’s having twins. I just don’t see what’s the big deal about her being a former adult star and why people a hating her for it. She did what she wanted to and made a huge name for herself as she took the industry mainstream.

2101 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

I also think she looks really good right now and hope she'll keep some of the weight after the babies are born. I also hope that being a mother will make her a better human being - I don't have a problem at all with what her profession used to be, I do have a problem with her being a complete bitch to other people and talking trash about everyone, including her fans.

2100 days ago


Okay without accusing or WILL she explain it to her kids, anyways? And I see people on here calling others hypocrites for calling her a whore when the porn industry is so big. Not EVERYBODY watches porn, you know - and I personally feel sorry for any girls who get caught up in it.

Regardless: Seriously, they are in for total hell when they get to school.

2096 days ago
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