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Landis to Jacko -- This Time It's Personal

1/28/2009 9:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Landis & Michael JacksonJohn Landis has filed legal papers against Michael Jackson, claiming Jacko had no right to negotiate a deal to make a Broadway musical of "Thriller," without his consent.

Landis wrote and directed the "Thriller" video and documentary back in 1983. Reports surfaced recently that Jackson cut a deal with the Nederlander Organization wherein Jackson made a deal in excess of $400,000 for the musical. But Landis claims Jacko can't cut a deal without his consent.

Landis, through his lawyer, Miles Feldman, is asking a L.A. County Superior Court judge for a declaration that Jackson can't make the deal without his sign off.

Earlier this month the company that hired Landis to write and direct the video claims it hasn't received its 50% cut in "Thriller" profits for more than four years.


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let jacko be. he likes living in dubeiu.

2063 days ago


I hope Jacko gets a lot of Havey up his B hole!

2063 days ago


I think Landis has alot of nerve suing anyone for anything. First of all he is about 20 years too late. Second of all in MY opinion Landis is basically a glorified murderer who got a free pass much like OJ did. I refuse to watch anything he is involved in. The accident happened when I was young but was outraged then. He cares for nothing but himself and his own interests and this proves it.Whatever anyone thinks of MJ he did Landis a favor by directing Thriller since few at the time would touch him with a 10 foot pole after the Twilight Zone thing.In my opinion with how popular MJ was at the time it was one of the few things that kept this man working even this long.Landis owes him a thank you, and keep your mouth shut.Had it not been for MJ he would be directing camcorder films in my opinion.And no,I am not really a fan of MJ but remember what most try to forget,that they loved him once.

2062 days ago


I am torn on that last comment.Yes he was aquitted.I do think those who accused those things were after his money.But i have to admit if he is not guilty and got very lucky if nothing else he showed a tremendous lack of judgment. Even if he did not touch any kid a grown man knows or should that it is improper to have them in his room like that.Even if nothing happened accusations can happen,which did. I personally believe he is guilty.May not of all but not totally innocent either.I think he digs his own hole with his behavior in public and private.But I also cannot deny that everyone from general paprazzi and tmz in particular jump all over him and go out of their way to make him look bad.Granted he hangs himself more often that not by giving them dirt to dish but I also think its sickening that everyone trashes him including fans.Not only the ones back then that made him what he is but those now who pick on him but secretly think one or two of his songs are ok but will NEVER admit it.

2061 days ago


Why is this money grubbing still trying to suck the blood out of Michael Jackson. He is owed NOTHING. He (John Landis)needs to be sued again for the deaths that happened in the Twilight Zone movie. Everybody got their hands out. Yes Michael jackson is alive he is not sick and he is not broke. If the lying bias meia were honest they would print that Jackson is still one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world. This is why everyone wants money from him. Also not black or former blach is to own such a valuble chunk of media, in America.
(Ask Cosby about a certain network he wanted to buy once and WHO STOPPED IT; and the price his family was made to pay)

This was printed in Forbes Magazine in 2005; search for "Really Odd Facts About Michael Jackson" (Note the negative connotation of the title)

The entertainer is a partner with Sony (nyse: SNE - news - people ) in a music publishing business, which owns more than 300,000 songs and generates as much as $75 million a year in income for him.


Michael Jackson is STILL 50% of SONY ATV worth $5-10 billion dollars; This is why he is targeted by the media and these hollywierd leeches like Landis.


Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC is one of the world's largest music publishing companies. The company was formed by the 1995 merger of the Sony Corporation of America's music publishing business with ATV Music, which Michael Jackson had purchased in 1985 for $47.5 million from Australian businessman Robert Holmes à Court. Given that Jackson's ATV Music was more valuable asset, he was awarded with $110 million alongside with receiving 50% of shares in the merged company. Also, Jackson kept as his sole property Mijac Music Publishing catalogue, which owns all of artist's composed music, as well as of many other acts.
The S/ATV MP or administers over 600,000 copyrights, including works by The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, The Everly Brothers, Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond and numerous others. Among Sony/ATV's most valuable holdings is the Northern Songs catalogue, consisting of 180 songs written by The Beatles (mostly by Lennon-McCartney). According to the Sony/ATV Music website, the company owns or administers 1,963 songs from the Lennon-McCartney catalog.[1]. In May 2007, Sony/ATV acquired the Famous Music publishing company from Viacom's Paramount Pictures for $400 million. The Famous Music catalogue includes 125,000 songs. The company is co-owned by Sony and trusts formed by Michael Jackson

2057 days ago
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