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Jimmy Carter

Good Genes

or Good Docs?!

1/28/2009 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As far as U.S. Presidents go, Jimmy Carter will always be 39th.

Jimmy Carter

Here's the 54-year-old during his administration back in 1978 (left) -- and the 84-year-old version (right) at a NYC bookstore on Monday.

Peanuts do the body good.


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arte help    

Anti semite bastard. Probably one of the worst presidents ever, besides being a complete moron. Gave away the Panama Canal, highest interest rates the U.S. has ever seen and gas prices were through the roof at the time. Bashes America at ever chance he gets, Terrible, terrible man.

2096 days ago


Jimmy Carter, known friend of murdrer Patricia Allanson.

2096 days ago

Carrys F.    

Everyone who keeps spewing their ridiculous political nonsense ought to step away from their computers and get a life. Whether what you are printed is true or not, this is a GOSSIP site for celebrities, you fools. It's not a forum for your feelings on his presidency. All they asked was good docs or good genes - not was he a good president and why do you think so????? NO one cares what you think about that. Fools.

2096 days ago


The trick is...clean living and he keeps busy. Dude is everywhere!! He truly has a humanitarian heart and puts his money where his words go.

2096 days ago


worst president ever!!!!!!

they should remove him from the list of past presidents!

Obama will follow soon.............

2096 days ago


#24 I don't care......get off the computer yourself and go take your meds...people can write whatebver the hell they want, idiot.

2096 days ago


"I'm gonna pardon Ford for pardoning Nixon!"

2096 days ago

Dr. H    

Who cares...he was the worst president ever.....

2096 days ago

something smells    

it looks like he had his bags removed once and his frown line between his brows look lighter so he may of had some lite surgery on his face but not a face left

2096 days ago


He does'nt look that good for living a stress free, debt free, nothing to worry about Life.

2096 days ago


Treasonous SOB ugly inside and out at any age.

2096 days ago

legal beagle    

Lot of hateful people on here. He looked old for 54 and looks reasonably good for 84. His genes are not good
all his brothers and sisters died young from cancer as did his father. He was spared so he could do good
The man is not an anti-semite but has the courage to speak up for the other side also. He was a weak president
but a man ahead of his time when it came to energy. Bush will save him from being one of the worst but he has
done a lot of good as an ex. He is a brilliant man and has written 20-30 books since he left office.
Now his wife may have had work, she doesn`t look much different than when she was in the white house.

2096 days ago

Capt Jack    

He looks darn good for a 84 year old ex-president. The president job has a way of aging the men who hold that offce. Look at Bill Clinton now, how much older he looks than his real age. As for those idiots that believe Carter is an embrassment to the presidency. They need to relook at the Nixon and Clinton years. Both were crooks and both should have been impreached.

2096 days ago


Saw President Carter at Monday's Daily Show taping. He looked great for an 84 year old and is still really with it. Funny too!

2096 days ago


I saw him last night on Charlie Rose on PBS. It was nice interview!

2096 days ago
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