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Clooney's Chick -- Game Shows Paid the Bills

1/29/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney may have finally met a bigger player than himself -- 'cause it seems his new lady friend is a semi-professional game show contestant.

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We figured out Clooney's sushi date from last weekend is either named Katie, Kate or Stephanie Moeser -- depending on which of the four different game shows she's been on.

Whats-her-name was on "Hollywood Squares" in late '03/early '04, "The Price is Right" in '06, "Trivial Pursuit" in '08 and "Don't Forget the Lyrics" in '07 -- where she won $350,000, despite having an ear-shattering singing voice.

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Fact..the skank is butt ugly...even a gay guy could do better. Fact..she will clearly do anything for money. Fact..stop giving famewhores like this attention and they'll go away. Fact. George Clooney needs to hire better screeners for his 'dates'.

2036 days ago


So she also won the Dating game...

2036 days ago


I saw her on "Donr Forget the Lyrics". I think she was on the first episode. She seemed very cute, bubbly and smart.

2036 days ago


If you lived in Hollywood, were good looking, and had a good personality like she does, you could get on a bunch of game shows, too. You people are so jealous, it's pathetic.

2036 days ago


33. If you lived in Hollywood, were good looking, and had a good personality like she does, you could get on a bunch of game shows, too. You people are so jealous, it's pathetic.

Posted at 11:31AM on Jan 29th 2009 by Amber

So Katie I mean Kate errr Stephanie I mean Amber, does Goerge know you're a game show wh@re?

2036 days ago


Anyone who claims to know Katie and thinks she is "nice" is either Katie, or has no clue. I know her, have pics, and emails. She is a NUT JOB hollywood wannabe, who was so desperate that she was banging Hank Aziria (SP?) the old ugly dude from the Simpsons for a while, before she moved on to a mid-50's married dude who "took care of her". You can't outrun your past honey. Pathetic on George's part. His stock is falling...

2036 days ago


May be George spends too much time in front of the tv.
I say bring back Sarah Larson or Krista Allen !

2036 days ago


Clooney must be a horny, desperate SOB.

2036 days ago


Imagine that...She's the friend of the annoying ass ugly girl off 'E' I am still routing that her Husband leave her..But I heard they aren't dating, please George you have to have more sense than that! Jackie from Roseanne is better! ;) lol!

2036 days ago


She is a really nice person and those who actually know her know that, that's all that matters. It doesn't matter what you losers think. You wouldn't say this stuff to anyone's face.

2036 days ago



2036 days ago


She's a successful opportunist - seems to work for her. I do wonder about his choices though - very odd - not what most people who hope to see him with.

2036 days ago


Amber/Katie - It has been said to her face. Trust me. There are cold, hard, facts about this girl that clearly lay out a different picture than the one you are peddling. Keep calling other posters with opinions other than yours losers, and I'll start getting specific. It isn't pretty.

2036 days ago


Bengwelf is speaking the truth.this girl is a bad seed from a bad apple.
I know her from SD and she's hooked up with half of the MLB and then some. Nevin, Ausmus, Giles, Penny.the list goes on and on. i think she was even married and divorced.
glad she finally got exposed for what she really is.
atta boy George, damaged goods!

2036 days ago


It's kind of funny that after all these years people think game shows/reality shows are "real". People, they are staged. With that much money going into production do you think that producers/creators would actually leave all this to chance?? I worked at a talent agency (models and actors) and it was the norm for TV and game shows to "seek" out contestants. In other words, most of the contestants (not always all) are paid wannabe actors and actresses or models. Some are given "aliases" so it won't be obvious that the "staging" is on. Do you actually think The Hills or all these other awful reality shows are real??? Come on!!!!

2036 days ago
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