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Jessica Simpson -- Mom Jean Regret!?

1/30/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As Jessica Simpson walked out of her hotel in Virginia yesterday, she finally came face-to-face with the denim-decision that quickly became the most significant issue in the country ...

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I can't stand that whiny sound that comes out of this particular paps mouth every time he asks an asinine question, Which is every time! If you don't have an intelligent question, just keep your mouth shut and take the pictures. (at a distance). Why is it that this particular pap is always the one asking stupid questions, This must be the only idiot that TMZ hired to take the pictures while all of the rest of the idiots are firing away at their computers showing the world what illiterates they are. For all you TMZ gophers, would you like it if everyone talked about your mother or sister that way? Get a life you creepy friggin pap.

2058 days ago


That was just mean. Celeb or not she has feelings just like the rest of us. What does the pap look like that asked her that question? I bet he's nothing to write home about!

2058 days ago

Big Bear    

I love a woman who has a little blubber on her. Jessica is not the hot sexy young thing she once was. Who cares??

2058 days ago


How important do you think you are, TMZ. "The most significant issue in the country"???? Now really. I love you, TMZ, but your stories are far from being "significant" by any stretch of the imagination. The girl made a wardrobe mistake several days ago, NOW LET IT GO!

2058 days ago


Jessica Simpson has always wanted us to notice her body. HELLO look at her videos. Look at her performing in her mom jeans for christ sake. She was shaking her fat @ss at the crowd. Maybe if she didn't center her career around a pair of daisy dukes no one would have even noticed her weight.

2058 days ago


Lisa Bloom made a good point on TV last night about Jessica. It is Jessica herself that has set unrealistic goals for young girls. She worked out 2 1/2 hours a day for The Dukes of Hazard and for her video. She shows young girls an unrealistic body image and than cries boo hoo that we are sending young girls a bad message by calling her fat. She can't have it both ways.

2058 days ago


OOOOH! They better cover the chili queens face with some paper! She is soooo famous!

2058 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

you guys are forgetting that a lot of her vids were about 10 years ago! and yes, she did have a sexy image, but it's hard to keep looking like that for the rest of your life. and also now, she's moved on from the pop world and doing other things. i'm not a diehard fan, but i'm familiar with her handbags and shoes and i think she's done very well for herself. just like britney, they both didn't go to college but have amassed $100million+ bank accounts. and so what her country album didn't take off? if jessica's reading this, i suggest put music on hold for now and keep working onyour handbag and shoe line.

2058 days ago


I'm waiting for her to start flashing her cooter and shave her head and attack cars with an umbrella...yippee!!!

2058 days ago


If we are not suppose to pay attention to her body what was the whole pink bikini video about? She has never had a successful career so daddy pushed her body as her talent. She has no one to blame but herself and her father. Jess and Papa Joe have made millions off of her body image, an image they created to keep her in the spotlight.

You're all a bunch of tards defending her. You're going to have Velveeta for lunch and Jessica is living large. (no pun intended) all because of her body. Try not to cry all over your cheese for her.

2058 days ago


first of all old story. get over it. i think jess looks beautiful. really who cares if she put on a few punds? shes human. i think its disgusting how skinny everyone thinks they need to be. it's unhealthy, physically and mentally, not saying all skinny people are unhealthy, cause they're not, but that mentality is enough to drive someone insane, 'i have to be skinny!' what the hell? ashlee was right to defend her sister, but it was unnecessary to begin with, if this world wasn't so damn superficial it would have never been said, she is far from fat. SHE'S healthy. everyones just pissed because you won't see her in rehab or collapsing beacuse of an eatign disorder!

2058 days ago


Miss Olivia- There is no one more superficial than the Simpson sisters. You just can't defend them, it makes you look stupid.

2058 days ago


Would it be better is she was pulling an Amy Winehouse and picking scabs on her 98 lbs bag of bones? This woman can not win. She has always been a curvy girl and now as she gets older (and probably happier) she is undoubtedly finding, as NORMAL humans, that it's not as easy to keep the weight off. I daresay, 98% of heterosexual men would prefer a curvy Jessica over a skinny puking drug addict any day.

2058 days ago

haters, amass $100mill+ and stop bitching!    

hold up, is that pap holding up a pic of jessica in those jeans ...but right up to her face?? wtf??

2058 days ago


32. hold up, is that pap holding up a pic of jessica in those jeans ...but right up to her face?? wtf??

Posted at 9:13AM on Jan 30th 2009 by haters, amass $100mill+ and stop bitching!


No that is her bodyguard you douche bag

2058 days ago
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