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Sarah Palin

Handled With Care

2/1/2009 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin had a muzzler like the one in D.C. yesterday, that Katie Couric interview might have gone a whole other way....

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Palin dodged the press (except us) after last night's Alfalfa Club Dinner with Prez Barack Obama.


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I've looked at the pictures. She announced she was pregnant in March. As for all of the supposed risk factors, I thought the mantra of the left was "her body, her choice". I guess not, when it comes to Sarah Palin.

Those with Palin Derangement Sydrome ignore the basics of biology. The odds of a woman Sarah Palin's age having a Down's Syndrome child are around 1 in 50. The odds of a girl Bristol's age having a Down's Syndrome child are something like 1 in 2000. They regularly screen older women for Down's Syndrome but not young women, yet knew the child had Down's Syndrome before he was born. It makes plenty of sense that Sarah Palin would have a Down's Syndrome baby and almost no sense that Bristol Palin would.

As for Tripp not existing, let's do a basic logic check here. Sarah Palin gets nominated for Vice President. Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that Trig was Brisol's. Why would she invent a new pregnancy for Brisol that didn't exist rather than just admit that Trig was Bristol's and she was trying to protect her daughter? It makes no sense to anyone who is not insane with hatred for Sarah Palin. And of course you have to believe Tripp isn't real because giving birth to Tripp only 8 months after Trig would be biologically impossible. So rather than admit that you were wrong and that Trig Palin is really Sarah Palin's son, you have to believe an ever more convoluted series of conspiracies to make sense of what you believe. That's the true sign of deranged hatred for someone. And let's face it, like those who don't want to believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, even if she were to produce birth certificates, you'd just argue that they were forged or that she pulled strings to have them read the way she wanted, right? The truth is that this isn't about facts and evidence but about hatred and destruction.

2090 days ago

Democrats are evil    

All anyone has to do is read the comments by the Obama supporters and anyone with an IQ higher than 80 would conclude that those that call others racist, "ARE" the racist. Those that despise Ms Palin, "ARE" hateful and disrespectful" and those that speak ill of down syndrome children, are the real "TARDS". That comedian fellow was so right when he said you can't fix STUPID. I have another way to state it. You can't teach a pig to sing. You just waste your time and you annoy the pig. Liberal dems are simply liberal pigs. They are the "tards" that reproduce like fleas and have just enough brains to vote for the others pigs. I'm mean, who else would put a tax cheat in charge of the IRS. Only a pig that refuses to learn how to sing. It's so amazing to watch stupid pigs squeal and oink the way hypocritical dems do.

2090 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Sarah Palin is a fame whore.

2090 days ago


Um, her name is Governor Palin, not "Miss". Show some respect.

2090 days ago


Governor Palin, is a winner. You all just can't get enough of her no matter what the topic is.
She is doing a GREAT Job there in Alaska.
Keep up the great work in The Great State of Alaska Governor Palin and keep everyone guess!!!!

2090 days ago


People love to pick on Sarah Palin,.. and for WHAT? She wasn't running for PRESIDENT, she was extremely qualified for VICE President!! Take a look at the "experience" record of our now sitting President!!? Talk about not being qualified! Our Commander in Chief hasn't an ounce of MILITARY experience!!? That's like putting doctors from Greys Anotomy to work on your heart!! And this "President" so bent on "protecting us", has given his very FIRST address to the MUSLIM world! And he even NOW admits to having "muslim ancestors"!!? Doesn't any of the Obama-sheep get their blinders off long enough to see exactly whom is in HIS best interest in looking out for?? "America is not the enemy"?? Isn't he essentially saying "leave me outta this"?? (coward). He has shown the U.S. as weak, vulnerable, and willing to negotiate with Terrorist- even that message was conveyed with Guantanamo Bay!!!?

I digress... what's with the HOOPLAH of pouncing on Sarah Palin??? She is merely the Governor of Alaska!!!! I think ya got bigger things to worry about in the White House right now...

Some have said of non-Obama supporters, (besides calling us all "racist") "get a ticket and move to Iraq"... did ya ever stop to think perhaps we are currently living IN the NEXT IRAQ?? Just something to think about...

2090 days ago


i bet you wish your girlfriend or wife looked like sarah

2090 days ago

Me, myself and I    

How nice, we have a President in the White House who has no control over his own party. Barack Obama states that he wants bi-partisan agreement, but Nancy Pelosi believes that she is running this country. Obama just stands down, and runs away with his tail between his legs. Americans have to decide if they want the European type of Socialism, because that is where we go under the Pelosi/Obama Presidency. You are all aware about all the rioting going on in European countries? How about that collapse in Iceland government?

2090 days ago


Eeyore of comment # 45, you are a lying, slandering jerk. Bristol only had one baby, that is Tripp. Little Trig is Bristol's brother, and Tripp's uncle.

You lying idiots just won't stop pretending that Bristol had Trig. But at the time that Sarah gave birth to Trig, her daughter Bristol was already a month or two along in her pregnancy with Tripp. Long about the time Sarah gave birth, her daughter Bristol gave her the news that she was going to be a grandmother too. There was a month or two when the mother, Sarah, and her daughter, Bristol were both pregnant at the same time. In other words their pregnancies overlapped. So how Bristol could have had Trig is nothing short of insanity. A person would have to be afflicted with in insanity to believe it.

Sarah gave birth to Trig, and 7 or 8 months later, her daughter Bristol gave birth to Tripp. (What can I say about the names. Sarah's parents were rather traditional. Sarah and her husband, Todd, have an unconventional streak, as proven by the unconventional names they gave to their children. Bristol seems to be carrying on this tradition. No matter, they are a sweet family anyway.)

I know that this is a lot of repetition. But the Palin haters are so dumb that I feel I have to repeat a lot of things and say the same things in different ways, so that the truth will really be drilled in. Maybe that will counteract some of the lies that the Palin haters are working so hard to drill into the public.

Also anyone who hates and makes fun of handicapped people is like a Nazi. Hey, don't you know that the Nazis put handicapped people in the camps too. They wanted everyone to fit into their idea of perfection. But their own hate and cruelty made them infinitely inferior to the people they hated and killed. You asses who hate retarded people are like that. Trig is, and probably always will be, infinitely superior to you, just cause he doesn't have the hate in his heart that you do.

2089 days ago


What's the difference between Palin's mouth and her vagina?

Only SOME of the things that come out of her vagina are retarded

2089 days ago


Man I would TTTTAAAAAPPPPPPP That!!!!!!

2089 days ago


When people are ignorant about a topic, they resort to people bashing. Just because you don't agree with Sarah Palin's politics, doesn't mean that she or her family are bad people. Hey, I didn't and still don't agree with almost anything that Obama says and does and yet I'm not bashing him or his Illegal Alien aunt, or his ties with radicals. He is America's president now, and as a patriot, I will not resort to the undermining of the president and this country, just to meet my political needs; as was done for the last 8 years.
my 2¢

2089 days ago


No. 15 your ignorance is quite charming. 2010 is when Bammie will lose his control of government and the THINKING people will again gain control of the Pelosi and Reid disaster and turn it around for the common sense men and women of this nation, instead of the out of control libertines and wastrels. After 2010 Bammie will be a neutered Marxist with zero power to change even back to more wasted retread Clintonistas as he has so far. IS THERE EVEN ONE OF HIS CABINET MEMBERS WHO DO NOT HAVE AN ETHICS PROBLEM. TAX CHEATS BEING TWO OF THE WORST. WOW, what change.

2089 days ago


No 11, your ignorance equals no. 15. Sarah Palin's daughter is not a garden implement. Your ignorance only equals the rest of the far left hate filled cowardly anti-American trash who lurk in the inner cities.

2089 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Golly, I'm just surprised that she would agree to have dinner in the same room with someone that she said was a "terrorist", "socialist", practically a "nazi." She's either a hypocrite or a liar, take your pick.

2089 days ago
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