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Bale vs. Director -- Best Freak Out

2/4/2009 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale's tirade is epic, no doubt. But remember the explosion on the Lily Tomlin set when David O. Russell ripped her a new one?

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Why don't these "victims" (lighting guy and Tomlin) grow some God!! There is absolutely NO reason to talk to any individual in that manner. I now know why there are so many shrinks in LaLa land! It is full of a bunch of narcissitic people. Damn!

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2055 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Mr. Bale, if you would ever talk to me like that, I'd punch your efing lights out. Poor camera man needs his job obviously. Especially with the economy like it is.

Maybe Bale was coming down off drugs that day (his behavior justifies my statement)......................geesh, what an ass.

2055 days ago


In the Lily and Russel case they were both acting immature and not being responsible. The director of course went over the top and has anger issues like Bale. We've all met poeple like this. They don't know when to stop. They don't just lose it, they get high on it and keep going! It's like a drug for Russel and Bale. They don't just lose it, they love to lose it!

2055 days ago


What a total ass!

2055 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Who cares what a-holes do in their spare time?
They should be fired from their jobs and try living off the streets awhile. Then they might appreciate work and their fellow colleagues.

2055 days ago


that boy need'z a azz whooping!!!

2055 days ago


Grow Up....what an a-hole

2055 days ago


Where can I download the audio, This will make the perfect ringtone!!!

2055 days ago

pattie in cali    

bale you suck, we will never watch you again, the only reason we watched batman, HEATH, he was the joker, you, are a small minded person, full of hate, i hope hollywood drops you, lighting fast, we don't need people like you, the world is full of them, you should be ashamed, who do you think you are, go away, go back where you came from, bale is a risk, i bet that guy won't ever walk through a set again, bale you suck, @#%*&#@ this is all for you.

2055 days ago


I'm sure Bale's whine-fest was no biggie after someone changed his diaper.

2055 days ago


I cannot believe he did this. Who does he think he is? I WILL NEVER WATCH any of Christian Bale's movies ever again. People make mistakes....What a big ROYAL WANKER he is!! I loved him and now I am throrughly disappointed in his behavior.
Did he ever get frontal lobe damage? because he has an impulse control problem. CB needs psychiatric help.

2055 days ago


This only shows how little and small this man (Bale) is.
He is neither an artist nor somebody with good skills as an actor.
He just enjoys making him much bigger and more important as he is.
That is a typical sign and behaviour for somebody who feels very small useless.
And really, he has proven that he is useless!!!
I cannot understand why somebody would pay him tons of money to act in a movie.
Such simple small idiot should just earn what he deserves: NOTHING
He has shown his real private size. I hope all will remebr this and treat him accordingly from now on.

2055 days ago

C K    

He certainly got into a fury of anger but one certainly can understand if you are making a film which costs a gazillion dollars and you have some pansy in the background being a screwball. I think I might lay the F bomb a few times too if I was in the acting moment and someone kept messing around. Was he super angry - yep and everyone knew it. Better way to deal with it - most def

2055 days ago


Seriously! You and me are done professionally! But personally, I'm signed on to the new and IMPROVED Christian Bale F'ing fan club! For F's sake! He rocks! Loved it!

2055 days ago
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