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Bale vs. Director -- Best Freak Out

2/4/2009 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale's tirade is epic, no doubt. But remember the explosion on the Lily Tomlin set when David O. Russell ripped her a new one?

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I used to wait on tables in Manhattan Beach and Christian Bale and his father, David, were regular customers. His father
was such a kind man and was so proud of his son. I wonder what he would think now. Anyway, his father had way more class than this his prick of a son.

2095 days ago


Christian Baby-Bel is throwing his toys out of the pram ``!!!!

2095 days ago



2095 days ago

spell this correctly!    

Um, do you always steal your headlines from the Howard Stern show? They did this comparison on the radio yesterday. Get some original material folks.

2095 days ago


Any grown man who results to cussing, calling a woman the c word, throwing things is an idiot. He keeps telling Lily to act like an adult - hilarious!! He was the biggest baby. Scene not going his way WAAAAHH! Bale and Russell need anger management and/or to lay off the coke!

2095 days ago


Russell actual hit an innocent bystander with the props he flung from the desk! I think Lily handled it pretty well but, not perfectly. She was pretty calm and collected and clearly stated that she was having trouble keeping up with the changes. I didn't hear her yell at this guy but, the tape was obviously edited. And he was talking to her like she was a child before the blow up. "Take you legs off of the desk." I mean give me a break. There are better ways to handle things and throwing things, calling names and threatening people is simply not it. I hope that girl that got hit sued him or filed a complaint god knows I would have.

2095 days ago

Chris Brown    

If the guy Bale was screaming at cussed or punched him out, he would have been fired on the spot. What a douche move to berate someone that you know can't fight back.

2095 days ago


What an ass! Maybe the lighting guy was use to working with professional actors. I can't believe he stood there and took it. Bale has an anger problem. Did he think by repeatedly using filthy language, it helped to get his point across. JERK!!!

2095 days ago

Larri Zulu    

Nice one Christian, give 'em hell - a little of that old Cecil B. Demille style. It's hard to believe the DP didn't know any better and if the Director can't run his own set, screw him too!

2095 days ago


C'mon people, are we really that blind??? He's obviously taking steroids, classic symptoms of juice abusers!!! Get off of the juice Bale!! Do us all a favor and relax without it!!!

2095 days ago


What a F***ing douche bag! Bigger Douche than Screech! Get off your damn high horse. You're just an actor, Mr. Batman it's not like you were in the "zone" to cure cancer. Wow...this totally changed my imagine of him. Way to go a**hole.

2095 days ago


Bale rocks baby! It sounded like the camera guy was a douche to me. Peace & Love Peace & Love

2095 days ago


Everyone has there off days, it's only human. There was no need to go off on the DP like that. Even the crew knew Bale had blown it way out of proportion. You can here them tell Bale to take a five second walk.

2095 days ago


Bale, is not even a good actor. He has been in some good movies, movies that would have been good with or without him. He acted like spoiled bitch, he thinks just because he is an actor he cant talk to people like this. I guess he forgot people like the person he was screaming at are the ones who made him and every other actor out there, by watching the movies they make. I was going to watch T4 as soon as it comes out, but not anymore. I cant support someone like him, he may have tons of money but he is not having any of mine. Bale = BITCH

2095 days ago


This was gggggreat! I must say I laughed the whole way through his rant cause it was so outrageous.... a little long but great. Not only did he drop a million F bombs he then made the DP answer him as to what in the hell was he doing in the shot. Oh man great to listen to sucks if it were you.

2095 days ago
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