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Etta James to Beyoncé:

I'll Whoop Your Ass!

2/4/2009 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Etta Goes Off: Click to listenThis is not a joke: 71-year-old Etta James actually threatened to beat the crap out of Beyoncé Knowles -- and it's caught all on tape!

The war is all over Etta's song, "At Last " -- Beyoncé sang the tune at Obama's 1st Inauguration Ball on Jan. 20th ... but last week at a concert in Seattle, James was still pissed.

While on stage, Etta told the crowd, "Your President, the one with the big ears ... he had that woman singing my song. She gone get her ass whipped."

She continued, "The great Beyoncé ... I can't stand Beyoncé," according to audio from Crown City Media.

Ironically Etta didn't kick up this sorta fuss when Beyoncé portrayed her in "Cadillac Records."

Reps for Beyoncé had no comment.


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Heck yeah! I love Etta even more now. I couldn't even listen to the song anymore after I watched Obama dance to it, but now after what Etta said, I'm going to continue listening to Etta!

2057 days ago


HA HA HA !! I HATE BEYONCE !!!!! Glad those comments were made about her !!!

2057 days ago


Obama should FIRE the idiots that had Beyonce mangle Etta James classic at the inauguration. This is a black eye (pun intended) on this administration!

2057 days ago

truth hurts    

Etta James WAS very unhappy with Beyonce portraying her in the movie.Beyonce's voice is only good with a group. Her voice is not that strong to carry in ANY musical.Dreamgirls is a perfect example.Jennifer Hudson is a better singer then her.I do think its crappy that they did that to her. She is still alive . I would have been pissed off myself.Beyonce is a pop singer.Pop singers do not have to be talented.They just have to look good and dance and try not to go off track with the lip-synching.The 150.00 ticket price you pay is for a lip-synching perfomance.A 5 yr can do that for free.I bet Etta doesnt lip-synch.Why? Because she is a singer not a circus perfomer.

2057 days ago


Beyawnce could never sing Etta's song as good as Etta does I'm sure if Etta had sung it at Obama's inaugural ball, she would have seen fit to put on a BRA or those sticky chesty things instead of showing off her bits off on national television. Or was I the only one who noticed that she was shot in long shots and from the neck up while being interviewed?? Some role model she is, i'm sure young girls everywhere who saw that will think its acceptable to wear a see through dress!! Etta should break her foot off in beowolf's behind, oh wait, she uses fake butt pads, so that might not work either. And no, i'm not a person of color or female, this broad is a fake, she didnt even sing live, she lip-synched!

2057 days ago


Wow! What a jealous hater!! I LOVE that song, but have lost all respect for her....what an old hag!

2057 days ago


I think by Beyonce singing Etta's song is a tribute to her even though I have no idea who the hell Etta James is? She does seem to have an attitude for some reason. I bet Beyonce says first Aretha and then Etta James. I don't care for Beyonces music but have nothing against her as a person. Etta James was totally out of place and showed her ignorance. She is suppose to set an example but instead made a complete a@SS out of herself. She is old and should be trying to get into heaven now.

2057 days ago


SMH - What is Etta James' problem? She gave Beyonce the right to protray her life on the big screen as well as to record her song? She should be glad someone is reliving the song because the majority of the younger generation don't even know who Etta James. She should be grateful. So live with it Etta? If she didn't want Beyonce to do either, she shouldn't have given her premission away.

2057 days ago


YES!! Someone put Beyonce in her place!! We love, and respect your beautiful work Ms. James!!

2057 days ago


Well, I think that was very small of Etta James, unless she moves out of the country, President Obama is her president.whether she likes it or not. It must be a taste of jealousy there, everyone knows that "At Last" is her song, lets not be so hard on the young one coming up. After all someone gave you a change, and Bounce' was good, she did you proud.

2057 days ago


Bitter...grow up you ol hag. get over it!

2057 days ago


Beyonce got the looks and that's about all she has going for her. If it wasn't for her dad managing Destiny's Child, she'd still be a nobody! Etta's got the talent and class (and probably one hell of right hook).

2057 days ago


When I heard her singing this I wondered why on earth didn't they get the real thing to do it instead of Beyonce? I don't mean any disrespect towards Beyonce but Miss Etta's version cannot be topped!

2057 days ago


honestly Alicia Keys would of sung it better. I hate Beyonce's music and voice.

2057 days ago


Tell the old crack head to sit back and enjoy all the money that will start to roll in. Remember Whitney Houston and Dolly Pardon's "I will always love you" I'm sure Etta James needs some more crack money.

2057 days ago
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