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Ruffalo Autopsy -- 45 Degree Mystery

2/4/2009 6:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The autopsy report in the death of Scott Ruffalo -- Mark Ruffalo's brother -- reveals Scott was shot in the head at a 45 degree angle, front to back, left to right -- suggesting someone shot him.

Scott Ruffalo
Although witnesses at the scene claimed Scott shot himself in a fatal game of Russian Roulette, the autopsy report concludes, "The injury appears inconsistent with the history provided by witnesses and further police investigation has failed to clear up these inconsistencies. Therefore the matter of death is homicide until proven otherwise."

The report also says there were traces of cocaine, opiates and benzodiazepines.


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What a sad life drugs lead to. I just hope they find the people responsible.

2054 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I didn't buy the suicide story. It just doesn't add up. Even if it was, there is more to it. Something just isn't right here. There are other guilty people here, I just know it.

2054 days ago


This is old news TMZ. Hopefully the detectives involved will be able to resolve this soon, for the Ruffalo's family sake.

2054 days ago


I always admire what I really don't understand.,because Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical.

2054 days ago


That's not a left to right entry. The autopsy diagram clearly shows it entering near the right timple. Either way drug use doesn't indicate homicide. If anything it indicates he was in such a poor state of mind to play such a game as that. The inconsistencies in the other parties statements could be because they were high as a kite as well.

I'll bet the main reason why the ME said it was inconsistent with statements is because the entry wound is towards the top of the head, a strange way to point a gun at yourself.

2054 days ago


I've seen people point a gun at their head like this. The big question is "Was he left handed." If he wasn't, then this would really hard to do.

2054 days ago

Kid Dyn-O-Mite    

Sounds like a case for CSI: Hollywood

2054 days ago


If he was left handed then it's definitely homicide. If you're playing russian roulette you're generally stupid or arrogant enough to bet you'll win (in this case drugs were involved), you're going to just simply point the gun to the side of your head or maybe at your face/mouth. Sticking it up at that angle (towards top RIGHT (notice ME diagram) while playing a dare is highly unlikely. Physically possible, yes, but like the ME noted it doesn't match up with the stories.

2054 days ago


If someone was right handed standing in front of him the gun shot would be on his left (our right facing him) This could have been self inflicted. Was their gun powder on his fingers?

2054 days ago


I wonder if there was GSR (gunshot residue) on his hands. I hope CSI techs bagged his hands.. I think it was homicide - I don't buy the russian roulette story. I know it happens but why would he shoot himself from the back to front during a game of Russian Roulette.. that seems highly unlikely.

2054 days ago



It was front to back

2054 days ago

Don't be so naive    

On December 12 you reported that Scott was shot in the BACK of the head, and that paramedics didn't even realize at first that he was shot because the wound wasn't readily apparent. Now you're saying he was shot front to back? And the circle in the picture you've posted here is on Scott's right, so on the shot would be right to left, not left to right. (It would be left to right from the perspective of the shooter.) So where did you get your info on Dec 12?

2054 days ago


Dr. Moore

Sorry but you talk in circles. Try sticking with what you are trying to say and not repeating yourself. Brush up on your writing skills and get back to us.


2054 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Hey, xyz:

I was just was respondin’ to everyone’s apparent objections here, items 1-12, and “repetition is the mother of skill”. (Anthony Robbins.)
One: Left is left and right is right, always, and the forehead is not the “timple” [sic].
Two: Lefties and Righties can shoot themselves as depicted and described.
Three: But please don’t try it.
Four: The Coroner’s Office is not yet persuaded he shot himself because (see #5, below)…
Five: The forensics don’t match what the Coroner’s Office believes the history to be from the witnesses: it doesn't jive with what the Coroner’s Office has found, so far.
Six: For bonus points, what was concluded doesn't jive with what’s been found by independent researchers later on regarding the infamous Vince Foster case, too.
Seven: So, Vince Foster probably didn’t shoot himself in Fort Marcy Park despite what Bill and Hillary Clinton would have you believe. Confused? Left is left, right is right, and Foster could not shoot himself as alleged! Is this off topic? – Yeah, but I said it’s for “bonus points.” In addition, there’s no statute of limitations on a murder. Google Vince Foster if need be.

2054 days ago



Oh I see you were just regurgitating the story and trying to find a way to bring Foster into this. No problem we all ramble and talk smack here. It's a celeb blog after all and no brain cells are required.

Carry on.

2054 days ago
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