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Shaq Won't "Fist Kiss" Another Man

2/4/2009 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shaquille O'Neal -- the same guy who wanted Kobe to "taste his ass" -- is under fire for his role in an ESPN commercial after some gay rights groups slammed it for being homophobic.

Shaq: Click to watch
The spot, which was just pulled by the network, features Shaq rejecting a "fist kiss" -- a spin on the term "fist pound" -- from sports commentator Mike Breen. After the offer, Shaq responds, "No fist kiss, no fist love, no fist hump. None of that. You're a weirdo man. Stay over there ... fist kiss ... disgusting."

Long story short: GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) blasted the ad. ESPN apologized and has since pulled the spot.

No word from Shaq yet, but several articles have made sure to point out O'Neal's history of gay rights advocacy -- including the time he stated he would "protect a gay teammate" and the time he chased down a pack of gay bashers in Miami.

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Jonas Brothers are a great group of young men    

Oh come on! this had nothing to do with homophobia. this had to do with him wanting a fist kiss, What a stupid term and I could see any guy (and beleive me I am not fan of Shaqs) not wanting to fist kiss. My husband would be like get out of here. Come on people get a clue and stopping making everything politically correct. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Love God Love People, Be real and stop worrying about the insanity.

2089 days ago


We are becoming a nation of crybaby pu@@ys,you can't do or say anything now days or you'll be called homophobic or racist.Its getting pretty ridiculous,we are becoming the new France

2089 days ago


I don't have an problems with people being gay, I just HATE the gay agenda. You will NEVER convince me that being gay is natural and right, just like I will NEVER convince the gay people it is unatural and wrong. So lets just agree to disagree, and move on!

2089 days ago


The real shame is that ESPN actually apologized! For what? NO APOLOGY is warranted from anyone. As shocking as this concept may be -- men have the right to NOT want to kiss other men or to be intimate with other men in any way. They also have the right to find such concepts "disgusting," just as gay men have the right to embrace such concepts, or to be repulsed by the thought of being intimate with a woman. There is a world of difference between physical violence against gay people and, conversely, simply saying, "I find what you do disgusting." This is still America, and everyone has the right to be "disgusted" by anything they choose. We are not liiving in a police state where mind control is in effect. Grow up, GLAAD

2089 days ago


Thats not homophobic.

I dont have a problem with gay people, BUT sometimes I feel they are going to force me not to like them...lol Im a straight guy and gay dudes dont need to be "hitting on people" if they dont know they are gay or not. NOT every guy who is decent looking and in shape is Gay...o.k. gay community...lol

2089 days ago


Being gay myself I agree that people are getting too touchy about race, sex, etc., but there is a big difference between just saying "no I'm not into that" and saying "no I'm into that" while you go on and on to describe how disgusting or weird someone is for doing it. Let it go at no. There are lots of things I see people do I think are disgusting but I don't feel compelled to go on and on about it out loud and to their face. To do that is only to shame them and make yourself feel "normal." Whatever normal is these days.

2089 days ago


Fist kiss? Gays are weird.

2089 days ago


The lesbian couple who led the fight for gay marriage in Massachusetts are filing for divorce. Guess they fist enough...

2089 days ago


It's funny. GLADD needs to get the pole out of their @ss (no pun intended)

I have always supported the gays but I'm really getting tired of them. Much like the blacks it has reached a point I just want them to STFU already.

Posted at 10:18AM on Feb 4th 2009 by b



This article is about homophobia, not race. If you are so tired of "the blacks", then why bring up race when it is not even relevant?

2089 days ago



2089 days ago


fist kiss has NOTHING to do with gay or straight or even a real kiss . It is a glorifies high five. Just like people who high 5 too much a fist kiss is lame. AND that is why he called him weird. You can make people show you respect but you cant make them like you. I am all for rights for EVERYONE but please you are going over board here

2089 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    

I'm so SICK of all this gay crap - why don't they just go do each other and leave the normal people ALONE! With any luck, AIDS will kill 'em all.

2089 days ago


Just because HE doesn't want to kiss a man does not make him homophobic! Find something else to bitch about GLADD

2089 days ago


Pleeeaasseee!!! I'm so sick and tired of the gays getting in an uproar over any little word they twist into "defaming" gay folk . Go back into the closet if you're going to whine and complain!!! Not everyone believes in gay love and many people never will, so be expected to accept that, as America is expected to accept you.

2089 days ago

Guess Who?    

He doesn't have to kiss the gays azz. They need to realize tha not everyone is on board that circus.

2089 days ago
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