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Bale Apologizes

'I Acted Like a Punk'

2/6/2009 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale just finished publicly begging for forgiveness for that F-bomb filled, on-set explosion, saying he took it "way too far" and he only did it because he "cares too much" about the movie.

Christian Bale
Bale called in to to L.A.'s "Kevin & Bean" morning radio show on KROQ and spilled his guts on the incident apologizing like crazy and explaining how things were never going to get violent with the guy he verbally attacked because the dude is a huge "ex friggin' football player ... not little orphan Annie!"

Oh, and he really wants you to see his next movie.

Christian Bale


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i don't think this was an apology

2047 days ago

Carrys F.    

Personally, I think except for the F bombs, he was right anyway. That PD totally ruined his scene - more than once and then felt zero remorse. I'd yell at him too. But, that's just me.

2084 days ago



2084 days ago


Scotty -- like you were there and know exactly how the guy felt. You're the idiot.

2084 days ago


Screw him & his stupid movie

2084 days ago

northern gypsy    

well all know "artist" can be high maintainance...but...he's went off the deep end...
pretty sure all his colleague are taking a second look at bringing him on to a project !!!

2084 days ago


He was THE TALENT and as such felt he could throw his power around by getting the "little guy" fired. There would be no apology, no nothing, if this had not be leaked. Loser.

2084 days ago


I don't think that a person's size, gender, or previous profession should affect how you treat them. Bale is a total douche and I just feel sorry for all the hardworking crew members who have to deal with spoiled brats like this on a daily basis. I will definitely be Torrenting T4 after this incident.

2084 days ago


He sounded sincere and we all have those days where we want to go off and we don't, The public does not have mircophones around them all the time and when he upset he was not thinking this was being recorded. He also said give Micheal Phelps a break too.

2084 days ago


Publicity stunt for the movie anyone?

2084 days ago


Bale is a weirdo. He only apologized because the tape came out. He's not sincere. Screw this freak.

2084 days ago


I will definitely see his next movie especially after the tirade because it does mean that he was really into the part!!!!

2084 days ago


This guy has a dangerous mental condition. He has displayed his anger management issues in public, one too many times. It's time for him to get some help. I like the guy's acting but his behavior is ruining him professionaly. Get help man, before it's to late.

2084 days ago

TV Guy    

Everybody in every line of work makes mistakes at one point or another. I would like to know in what office, or construction site, our car sales room, or Wall Street bank. If someone made a mistake, that any other person in that work environment, would be allowed to keep their job after going into a "nut job" rage and verbally assaulting a co-worker right or wrong. The professional way to handle it would have been for Bale to cut the scene himself and ask for a side meeting between him the DP and the Director. But I am in the Biz and i can tell you a good percentage of these "actors" as just that, they are "actors" and there is nothing professional about them and Unprofessionally speaking I would of beat his ass if he would have got in my face that way.

2084 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

He was just as the say in the biz staying in the groove,BUT...the lighting is the show and without the RIGHT lighting temps and so on there would be NO seen.Nothing will show up on camera or film.The actors are just PART of the movie...they are not THE movie.It can take hours and hours to setup the screens right.He should have be thanking all the techs for doing a bangup job`s...some techs don`t give a shielt.He has to stay in the grove or than he looks bad.He takes like 18 hours a day to get it right and even than sometimes they have to go back and reshoot some.You cant F with the union or they will F you up and they have and do F up many A-hole actors.

2084 days ago
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