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Jacko Caught Red-Handed

2/6/2009 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like he just got out of a Silkwood shower, Michael Jackson left his home away from home -- aka a Beverly Hills medical facility -- sporting a medical cap, drawn in Liza Minnelli brows, Britney shades, his de rigueur surgical mask and a pair of hands that formerly belonged to Jason Vorhees.

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Read a book!    

Thats not even Michael Jackson so all of you quit belly aching.

2050 days ago


This is what happens when a black man wants to be white. Sad, very sad!

2050 days ago


My goodness, the poor dude is just "rotting" away b-4 our eyes!

2050 days ago



2050 days ago

Lord Xenu    

He is showing sign of advanced cellular degradation as the result of a 4th degree Body Thetan infestation. Paging Drs. Travolta and Cruise. STAT !!!

This will be the final episode of ER - the docs (Clooney, Edwards, ect) from days gone by will be called in to keep Michael Yackson from melting away but they will fail and the final scene will be a janitor entering the operating room to mop up the mess. He will intone "25 years ago he was a fine good looking talented black man, now? Not much to look at once you scrape him off your boot. Ick! "

2050 days ago

The Dude    

whomever it is pretty bad life has come to this.

2050 days ago


THIS IS THE TRUTH: Michael Jackson in all of his glory figured out that money buys just about everything and with him having grave insecurities and low self esteem he figured he would make some minor changes. Sadly, nothing was wrong with the way he was born but he did not like it and figured he'd change it. A nose job here, injections or some other form of skin bleaching there ....... he realized that these things worked so he overdid them and there you have it, resulting in the Michael Jackson you see today. They really should post his picture and use it as an add campaign for small children and people period to be happy with what they were born with. The add should also say ..... if you don't THIS could be you. Everyone wants to tip toe around it but that is exactly what happened. A lot of celebs change themselves but they know when to stop. In this case Michael simply raged out of control and sadly he can't go back to the way he was. So all of this vertiligo crap is just that .... crap. Look at lil' Kim and Vivica Fox they both went a little overboard and look at them they are not have a pretty as they use to be. There really should be a law against morphing uncontrollably!

2050 days ago

Kara O'Toole    

THANK YOU!!! Finally, someone else other than myself see's just how enormous, creepy, disgusting and white his hands really are! I tell people this and everyone thinks I'm kidding. Thank you TMZ!

2050 days ago


Painted eyebrows , red lipstick and he wants everyone to believe that he's straight and the father of those kids who looks nothing like any of them.

2050 days ago


Child molester.

2050 days ago


If that really is are the sunglasses staying on his face?? I guess he just finished having a nose transplant??

2050 days ago


TMZ staff:
Off topic, but he bought a house in Las Vegas last year near a Primary school. The interesting feature was the "Widow's walk" feature. Is it possible to interview the real estate agent to see how much interest was taken regarding roof feature? Might be worth a gander. Why would he buy a house in a residential area when he covets privacy? Hi Max.

2050 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    


2050 days ago

Lord Xenu    

All Wacko Jacko really needs is a large slice of cellular peptide cake with mint frosting.

2050 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    

I bet he smells like formaldahyde....

2050 days ago
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