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Octuplet Mom

Adopts Jolie Lips

2/6/2009 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's infamous multiple birth mom Nadya Suleman aka Octupussy on "Today" (left) -- and the one and only Angelina Jolie at an event in December (right).

Nadya Suleman and Angelina

Only one of them has a total of 14 kids ... so far.Launch Photos

We're just sayin'.


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Lips done nails done she was quite busy that morning.... with that said having babies 9 wks early or at all I dont think Id have my nails done for many reasons scratching baby by accident or chemicals from the nails...Maybe Im wrong and am just cautious around an itty bitty baby ... so she started her CRAZE to want babies alot at age 18 married husband in 1999 had first child in 2002 but (he has a child so we now hes capable of having kids) hes not the Father a friend donated sperm.. Did she marry her husband so he could stay in the country or did she marry to stay in the country I can not figure out any other reason why someone would marry a person and 2 yrs later have a baby by sperm donor and yearly continue to use the same fertility clinic and they keep inplanting so many embyos knowing that each time they continue to take why the clinic would implant so many w/her history.... SCAM_SCAM_SCAM--they need to Investigate her big time she gets 165000 for work injury back related with that much of a payout you would think she couldnt get around to easy for a good while but before she even had started getting payments she already had one child through invitro...Still thats not alot for invitro shes had at the least 8 attempts Im not sure the cost of invitro but Im sure its alot I wonder if a someone she went to school w/or worked for did it for her at cheap rates.

2083 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

This is all Angelina Jolie fault. Showing it's cool to have a school of babies. Dumb a$$ holes.

2083 days ago


she should be fixed, not given fertility drugs!! who's supporting these babies and the other kids - this woman is unemployed and unmarried. companies like gerber, for example, should ban together and not provide a single diaper to this piece of work!

2083 days ago


THEY ARE BOTH FREAKS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2083 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Welfare give $800.00/cash : $500.00/food stamps per child. So she'll be getting $11,200 in cash and 7,000 in food stamps a month and they get to live in government housing (low rent). Why go to school, just have babies.

2083 days ago


First off, didn't her publicist say she was a "working professional" when asked about how she would financial support her children? Now we find out she's unemployed? So who's been paying for her other 7 seven children so far? Where is she getting the money for all these kids and her plastic surgery! Somebody in her life is a HUGE enabler.

2083 days ago


Who has the longest C-section scars? The over/under is 4.3 feet. Cast your vote now.

2083 days ago


Leave her alone!!!! My God how is this any of your business, would you rather her have killed them by aborting them when she found out that all took! What is wrong with her trying to get money by telling her story? Would you if you could? Does'nt everybody else does it? How about AIG send their sales reps. on spa retreat with Tax Payers money but is that Okay. Mind your own business and let this busy mother be!

2083 days ago


I love an instant family. A dozen babies in one birth and done. A woman should have a right to choose what is good for her womb. If I knew where this doctor is, I would like four embryos to be planted in my womb. This thing about pregnancy today; pregnancy two years later; pregnancy five years later is a pain.

Moreover, mothers dump their babies at the day care as they go to work. Do they ask themselves how many hands are taking care of the babies? If the babies are trained from day one; these would be a lovely bunch. Grandmother of the octuplets should learn to shut up and not play to the media for no penny. She is the one to be pushed on the curb, while the octuplets gets millions.

2083 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

She's the crazy cat lady down the street. She'll be packing them up to the rafters in no time. Seriously, though. Along with the "Pregnant Man", the Hitler baby naming parents and all the other mental cases with kid issues it's no wonder our kids end up shooting up schools....

2083 days ago


Thats a total insult to Angelina!!!

2083 days ago


After seeing her with Ann Curry this morning, I wrote a major show and told them she needs to be thoroughly investigated. Yes, you can tell she's had cosmetic surgery on her nose and lips in an attempt to look like Angelina-Jolie and is attempting to mimic Angelina (all the kids). Down deep this woman has a psychological wounding that will begin to (soon) show-up and all the children should be removed from her instead of people rushing to give her multiple millions of dollars to care for these kids.

In vitro fertilization is very expensive and she says (all) were created through in vitro fertilization. Who paid for them? Did they happen at Kaiser Hospital? Is the public now paying for the surivival of all those kids? Who is the man that provided the semen?

These peoples passports needed to be confiscated and the government should send the entire family back to Iraq.

2083 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Had to re-read China's comment, at first i believed she was describing Angelina Jolie! Honest! Well , it appears that Nydia is the ultimate Brangaloonie. One look at her strong resemblance to Angelina, (the nose is dead on!) and you can see that in her fantasy world she IS out Angie! This one has you trumped with kids, and Brad may follow the Pied Piper to California!! Both are sickos....There is a reason animals have litters and humans don't! Aside from the number of teets possessed by each species....humans raise their young for two decades or slightly less.....animals can handle litters because they grow and leave the den early on. Sad....both of them are desperately needing psychotic care.....Billy Bob! Why did you do it??????

2083 days ago


at least the public will not HAVE TO support AJ'S kids.can't say the same about the other no brained twit.

2083 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

How long until someone brings up disabilty fraud..?

2083 days ago
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