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Jessica Simpson -- Unplugged and Unglued

2/7/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While trying to convince the world she's a country singer in Grand Rapids, MI last Thursday, Jessica Simpson made a fatal error -- no lip-synching!

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch!
Seen in this video from, nearly every song was a disaster while Simpson fought with her earpiece monitor, mumbled through most of her lyrics, and at one point talked through tears. On a brighter note, she didn't look fat!


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Give me a break. I've never been a fan of Jessica. But, she isn't fat...she's normal! It's bad enough the media gives impressionable girls the idea that you have to be a toothpick to be attractive. But, it's not like Jessica is obese or anything. she is height and weight proportionate. You really need to lay off the fat thing as you're giving people the wrong idea of body image. Plus, who in the heck decided to call high-waisted pants 'mom pants.' It's terrible you give nice fitting jeans a poor image just because someone doesn't want to have to shave down there to wear pants doesn't mean there should be a negative connotation to them or for that matter the 'granny panties'. I don't particularly like to have dental floss up my butt. But, advertising has deemed panties not be comfortable or practical, everything has to be sexy. We need to stop labeling things in a negative manner and just let it be!

2049 days ago


Why are you people so mean? What do you get out of bashing somebody so horribly? What do you look like? Where is your fame? There is nothing you can say to justify your jealousy and hatred. Nothing!!

2049 days ago


Fat or not fat, that is not an appropriate outfit for a concert. Make an effort Jessica.

2049 days ago


TMZ???????!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? SHE DOESN'T LOOK FAT!!? Yes, I'm yelling? She looks like she's gained a MINIMUM of 30 pounds! My best guess would be somewhere between 35-40. When you are a celebrity or entertainer it is YOUR JOB to stay thin and look good. They pay you enough. You are not suppose to look like the average woman! Sorry but it's a FACT! She's in the public eye and the fans are her meal ticket...she needs to shape up quick! Tony Romo will be leaving her ass in no time if it continues to get sounds cruel, but it's just a fact of life...

2049 days ago


its BERATING you hick

2049 days ago


People pay good money to see THAT? My 12 year old daughter and her friends can sing better than that...they sing in the backyard for free! lol She should be paid NOT to perform ever again. This is a joke. No voice, horrendous outfits, very unattractive and zero did she become famous?

2049 days ago


Uhh..#50..Liz...I'm five foot five, and I weigh 110 pounds. I'm a size 2. I've had TWO children! While there is no PERFECT body on this planet..some of us take the time and effort to look good. If I was being paid the money that these celebs are being paid, I would strive to look even BETTER! Do you realize how much money they are paid to LOOK GOOD?'s criminal! And we all pay their bills...the least they can do is stay on top of it and look good! I eat right, excercise and I am not scary skinny but HEALTHY! I cheat every now and then but NEVER let myself get to the point of being "overweight"'s just not a good argument OR excuse...preach it elswhere!

2049 days ago


Dear Liz,

Not only can you not spell, but you are probably fat and very bitter. Skinny women are where it's at, honey. I have no problem looking in the mirror. I am 5'6 and weigh 110 pounds. Fatties like Jessica and yourself need to be told, so that you will get your butt off the computer and go get some exercise. Your need to BERATE others (like you are complaining people are doing to Simpson) makes you a hypocrite, idiot.

2049 days ago


Yaaaay! Magdalaine! WELL SAID!

2049 days ago


Thanks, honey! We think alike! Muah!

2049 days ago


I saw Jessica performance at the BiLo Center in SC a few weeks ago. She was terrible. Her band and back-up singer was great. You couldn't make out the words she was singing. She had "issues" with her ear piece. Commented about her reality t.v. and the whole tuna "chicken of the sea" issue, so some odd reason. She was flakey and seemed like she was lost in her own world. She never tried to connect personally with the audience. I did like her Christmas cd, but nothing else. She needs to step out of the stoplight for a while and regroup. She is lost and doesn't fit into the music world right now.

2049 days ago


Regarding 50, who wrote: "...I'm five foot five, and I weigh 110 pounds. I'm a size 2. I've had TWO children"

Normal weight for someone of your height [small, medium, large frames:

Small frame 117-130
Medium frame 127-141
:arge frame 137-155

So even if you have a small frame you are considered to be underweight, which is unhealthy.

2049 days ago

Triple Play    

If it wasn't for her Huge Fun Bags and her beautiful face she would never had made it in the music business.It is a wonder that her useless sister got as far as she did. What is daddy Joe going to now that his cash COW is turning in to a cashless COW?

2049 days ago


So you all think she is fat. Really ? She is heavier than she was. But she looks good. Her legs are firm. Back in the 70's woman looked like this. And they were happy. The men were happy with them. I was considered skinny at 118. I mean people always said I was. Now everyone thinks woman should never have any shape besides stick thin. FO. Some people like to have drinks and eat good food. Good for them. I think she might be on some sort of anti depressants. They mimic hypothyroidism . Doc don't like to tell you that. She is fine. I am not a fan of hers. But I am less of a fan of the new world we live in. Let woman be curvy and happy.
Men would be surprised how much fun it is to be with a well fed happy woman. I guess people really only care about shallow things these days.

2049 days ago


You can never be too thin or too rich, as the saying goes......

Hey, if her career is over, she can always do Nutrisystem commercials!

2049 days ago
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