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Chris Brown Will No Longer 'Do a Body Good'

2/10/2009 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is officially being stripped of his milk mustache.

Chris Brown

In the wake of his arrest -- and the allegations he beat up Rihanna -- the "Got Milk" people have fired off the following statement:

"The Milk Mustache campaign is taking the allegations against Chris Brown very seriously. We are very proud and protective of the image of the Milk Mustache campaign and the responsible message it sends to teens. Mr. Brown's ad was launched last fall and is scheduled to end this week."


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He's not really losing "Milk" ad because the ad was officially ending this week anyways. So it's not really a lost to be honest.

His ad was coming to an end by this week. The only think he's loosing is from future continuation.

With Wrigley’s chewing gum it's different because it hasn't reached it official end. So he's hurting on that. But with "Mike" Mustache he isn't to be honest because it reached it's stop and intended to end by this week.

2046 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Jeff....goes waltzing off into the sunset, eating his mayonnaise sandwich.....

2046 days ago


#12 ("if you only under stood the black culture,you woulnt be so insenceative!")
Beating a woman has NOTHING to do with black culture, it has nothing to do with being insensitive either, it has to do with the LAW. For her to have suffered the injuries that have been reported he would have had to have beaten her. So your comment leads one to believe that "beatings" are a part of black culture, I don't buy that. What's more important is, the law doesn't buy it either. He may be young, he may have anger issues perhaps it's provendial that his problem comes out now so he can do something about it at a young age, but it's still going to cost him. He's a public persona, it's going to hurt his career and maybe that's what's necessary for him to get this under control.

2046 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Jeff.....(thinking to himself)..golly gee whiz.....i wish that i were black !!!!

2046 days ago


Good, Chris Brown should lose all his endorsements and his career. He BEAT UP A WOMAN! He is facing jail time and deserves to be. This is not a cultural thing, I'm black, no one I have ever dated has laid a hand on me. I'm tired of that b.s. This is about a man beating a woman, that's appalling no matter what race you are. It's not just appalling, it's domestic abuse. I hope you get prison time Chris Brown, you pig!

2046 days ago

Dano HI 50    

Chris Brown is a Punk.

2046 days ago

Dr. Adams    

I'm sure she doesn't need, nor want your pity either......

2046 days ago


This is so crazy but i think that droping him from the gum thingy and milk ads its a good thing bcuz it shows that u cant get away with hurting sumone. But idk this whole thing between them, who knows wat they were figthing about and i didnt know that they were 2gether for a year.

Oh and about the whole rihanna having herpies idk if its true but there were pic of her having a soar on her mouth.

2046 days ago


Hey Bilbo,
Jeff does not wish he were black. I'd rather be a Hobbit!!!

2046 days ago


This is really not a race issue IDK why everyone always has to throw Black in white in the mix...i am a big fan of both Rhiann and Chris Brown. I thought they made an absolute cute couple...NO ONE knows what happened. He obviously flipped out for a reason....not for nothing but if she DID give him herpes she had it coming!!!

2046 days ago



2046 days ago

Dr. Adams    

All of you douche bags not having any pity on a woman that was just beaten like dog....Should have your mother's azz beat or your sister's azz beat by a low life like C. Brown....and then lets just see how great you would feel about that.....YOU AZZ-HOLES SICKEN ME TO THE VERY PITT OF MY STOMACH !!!!!!!!!

2046 days ago


Boy coter....go ahead and boycott your milk and your cows and whatever...He hit the girl and that is all that matters!!..What does his action have to do with Black culture??!..You don't know nothing about black culture so shut your damn mouth and go back to school!! You can't even spell!!!...He had no right to do that to her...regardless of whatever she may or may not have done!!

2046 days ago

jay maks    

who gives a $hit about these two and their drama? on a side note.. i think rihanna's face is kinda scary. her chin/jaw could crack walnuts. i bet she puts on make-up with a protractor. lol

2046 days ago


Like # 35 said he isn't actually loosing endorsement deal. He just won't be part of future links to it and being down from the site. His ads were originally ending this week anyway. So Chris Brown hasn't gotten a dip in his wallet for it.

Also I think we all know in this industry endorsement deals come and go and after all this is forgeten and CB comes back he'll get endorsement deals. Just look at all the people that had legal troubles. Kobe is a big example, people said he would never get his image back or never never never ever get a endorsement deal ever again. But look now they are kocking on his door.

I never lose sleep over Celebs because it goes and comes we all know this and we all know no body is ever finished.

All CB will do is get a couple years off and then come back and he's Chris Breezy and everyone loves him over again. I say whatever, I don't know why you people are fighting back on forth on this.

WE ALL KNOW what's going to happen and couple months from it's all forgotten just like KOBE and CB will be his R&B singer lovable guy over again and Rhianna will be right there with him. Sad but true. Don't act like you guys don't see it and be in denial.

2046 days ago
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