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Chris Brown Will No Longer 'Do a Body Good'

2/10/2009 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is officially being stripped of his milk mustache.

Chris Brown

In the wake of his arrest -- and the allegations he beat up Rihanna -- the "Got Milk" people have fired off the following statement:

"The Milk Mustache campaign is taking the allegations against Chris Brown very seriously. We are very proud and protective of the image of the Milk Mustache campaign and the responsible message it sends to teens. Mr. Brown's ad was launched last fall and is scheduled to end this week."


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2089 days ago


i wish ppl will stop talkin trash about chris brown. its 2 sides to every story so lets here both. i think u guys are some haters. chris brown i luv ya come give us another bomb ass album and tell us about it...smh

2089 days ago


y'all just dont unerstand the black culture at all do you?it's perfectly normal this happens all the time in the hood,the even enjoy the whooping

2089 days ago


Awww, he's wearing wife beaters!!

2089 days ago


just goes to show ya,money can't change the real u. Like to see someone show Chris what a real man is,cuz he definately isn't one

2089 days ago


“Innocent until proven guilty”

2089 days ago


What if Rihanna is the bad guy here? No reason to mess with his money, until this is investigated.

2089 days ago


Sad, but who knows what really happened. Only God Rihanna and Chris know what really went down. Hopefully we will get the facts soon.

2089 days ago


Boy coter: what are you trying to say? Is it part of "black culture" to abuse each other? It isn't. So stop with that garbage. That is purely disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

2089 days ago


I think it is time to talk to our children and tell them who their REAL role models are. THE PARENTS...Not these losers who hit women, do drugs, kill, steal, rap about women calling us hoe's and bithces. Enough is Enough.

2089 days ago

SoCal Razzles    


Celebrities need to take responsibility for their "personal" actions...just like the rest of us.

2089 days ago

fire nina    

I feel like the only reason all these companies are dropping chris brown so heavily is because some skeez bucket at TMZ is calling anyone and everyone who ever had contact with CB and are asking them if they plan to drop him... when they ask why, they tell them, and then report on it first like this is some BREAKING news.

half my gossip girls hadn't even heard about this by monday morning, so i'm sure the old hags endorsing him were told by someone AKA tmz!

i bet they were both railed out of it and rihanna looks like a girl who would swing first. if any woman puts her hands on a man she deserves to be hit back. i don't care about gender. i know tons of girls who beat on their men and then cry victim.

2089 days ago

run it chris brown    

Chris Brown isn't a rapper.. He is a singer.. A very good singer at that..
He has never spoke about women in a negative manner.
Shy guys don't turn into Mike Tyson without some provocation. People want to accuse rappers of beating women.. How many rappers have been on TMZ for beating their women??? I can't name one.
Rihanna has been known to hit others.. She smashed a glass in her own brothers face.. Rihanna has been trying to control chris brown for a long time according to gossip sites and friends of the couple.. She looks at his mobile phone calls, tries to control his movements and is very jealous. Isn't it possible she hit him repeatedly first and he was forced to bite her to get her off of him. He left her alone in the car and walked off.. Yes, he was wrong to hit her...
The public needs to stop trying to make this man into a villain...

What if it turns out She is guilty of abuse, as well???? Will She lose her covergirl campaign..

2089 days ago


What about DISNEY? Why haven't they made a statement? CB has been on the Disney Channel. They should follow Wrigley's and "Got Milk" soon! Eventhough, you are innoccent until proven guilty...the allegations are enough.

2089 days ago


Too bad Subway and Speedo are not "proud and protective" of their company image or they would strip Michael Phelps of his endorsements. Congratulations to Got Milk! for getting it right!!

2089 days ago
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