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Chris Brown

Dumped on Valentine's Day

2/11/2009 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems nobody wants to spend Valentine's Day with Chris Brown -- 'cause dude just got the boot from a party he was supposed to host that night.

Chris Brown

Brown was set to host two separate parties in Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend for the NBA All-Star festivities -- "was" being the key word -- because Brown was just officially replaced with rapper Nelly.


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I'm not going to judge because I dont know the whole story. I do feel bad for the both of them. I had watched my mother get beat by her EX husband many times as I grew up, So I do think he needs help but I dont think everyone should bash him and ruin his career. He is a very talented KID. All I can say is dont judge until you know the whole story. He is talented and deserves a second chance.

2050 days ago


What do we really know, perhaps they were having sex in the car.. some like it rough

2050 days ago


Good news keep coming in about what is happening to Chris. It is great that people in authority are not supporting his animal behavior. I just want him to go to jail now or, just have a strain career. I he is WICKED.

I heard that Rihanna has a black and blue swollen right eye, bruises on her face and bite marks on her arms. SMH.

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2050 days ago


Chris, Come forth and say your totally wrong...set the example for many others your age that is doing the same thing then go get HELP.We all know this was not the first time this has happen! Riri let him GO!!

2050 days ago


It's amazing how people are looking at this one sided. If YOU were driving and someone was beating the crap at of you I think you would strike back too. His career will not be over. Are you forgetting R.Kelly who sleeps with lil girls and people still love his music. Chris Brown had PULLED out of all NBA activities HIMSELF which these two apprearances are part of that. That was straight from an NBA executive so TMZ sure keeps showing one side of this story. How about report that Rihanna's passport has been taken by LAPD so she CAN'T go home. So maybe you can start printing ALL sides to this story that no one knows what really happened YET !

2050 days ago


Chris was wrong as two left shoes for putting his hands on Rihanna in a negative way and should be punished accordingly for his actions. But, I think the media is blowing this waaaaaay out of proportion. No he should not been allowed to play gigs and the sorts but what needs to happen is he needs to publically apologize to Rihanna by T.V. or Radio and he should also be sentenced to a battered womens community organization thus speaking with and helping battered women all across America for at least 6 months. He should also be made by a judge to visit the morgue as I am sure they have women "dead" for him to see who have been beaten and murdered by their spouses. In addition to all of that he should also issue a public apology to his mother as she too was a victim of domestic violence. Do I think Chris is a horrible guy? No. Do I think he allowed some negative emotions to rule his soul? Yes. The result was attacking Rihanna. I don't care if they say she hit him 1st, he should have never touched her and walked away.

In addition, just because he's handsome and rich does not make him any better than a plane Joe who has done the same thing. I am happy to see the "law" cracking down on all celebrity offenders ......

2050 days ago

Lenn K.    

I glad there this reaction to a woman getting beat. We all should be horrified about this and condemn this act to the fullest. Chris losing all these jobs is telling America's tired of celebs getting away with terrible behavior. He only 19 and probably very stupid and immature, but he did this and he should just own it and ask or beg for forgiveness.

2050 days ago


12. there might be a downside to catching jungle fever i guess, because it looks like some gorillas in the mist might bite you and through some hissy fits. though seal is a good man like obama they don't strike their lady folk. chris brown, like bobby brown makes brown town want to frown - and not the kinda of frown you make on ecstasy or horny goat weed

Posted at 5:15AM on Feb 11th 2009 by lapdance

You are clueless. Domestic violence doesn't discriminate, just ask Steve Austin's ex-wife or Josh Brolin's. You racists are pathetic, you don't know any people outside of your community and pass judgement on other races because of what you see on tv. The white man's history and lifestyle is far from perfect so you can stop with all the prejudice. Every race suffers with this issue.

2050 days ago


ISELA - So you have an 8 year old child and still act that way? Shame on you. Instead of acting like a b who knows everything why don't you look at the facts. Teach your child to be smart, not a judgmental freak like you. Where the eff is your proof that he "this has been going on for a while?" Get a life. You know nothing yet you have the nerve to go around judging others and forming your own retarded conclusions based on zero evidence. Quit assuming and go to school so you can teach that child how to grow up properly instead of turning into a judgmental b like you.

tired of it all - You need to stfu as well and go to school, take a cultural class or something. Tattoos are gang signs? Grow the eff up. And as far as I know both Chris AND Rihanna have numerous tattoos. Does that make her a gagster as well? You're so ignorant!

OnPoint - So based on your logic every guy out there (millions of them) who beat their wives, girlfriends, friends, etcetera on a daily basis should come out and publicly apologize for what they're doing, right? Puh-lease. Chris does not owe anyone an apology except Rihanna and his mother. He should not feel obligated to apologize to you or I or anyone else who has absolutely nothing to do with the case, though I'm sure that when the time comes he will do the right thing.

Carmelle - Stfu. What do you know about his career? So a man (and a woman, because Rihanna suppsedly went back home as well) is not allowed to go home after a traumatic experience? Wait, didn't Britney Spears do the same after her "meltdown?" Is her career over? Ha, proved my point... she's going on tour sometime very soon, and with her entire family.

And to shed some light on the actual issue at hand, Chris probably cancelled his appearance to these events willingly. It's not like he's looking to go out and show his face in public before it's been settled in court and he and Rihanna are both ready to sit down and discuss exactly what went down that night. Jumping to conclusions and assuming that he was "dumped" is ridiculous. He does not WANT to be there at this time... who would.

2050 days ago


It's sad that someone who has the world by the b*lls, like Chris Brown, would blow it all with one stupid action one night. I hope that Rihanna becomes an example to women in the same situation by never going near Chris Brown again. I also hope that if he really did this to her, that Rihanna continues to press charges and makes sure he is punished to the full extent of the law.
To the girl visiting NYC for the first time, I recommend visiting the meat packing district for its' great restaurants and lounges. For celebrity spotting you have to hang out in Soho.

2050 days ago


i think chris was wrong for what he did but i do feel sorry for him and rihanna .mainly chris im scared that his career might crash and burn .i hope not .if he does make it out ok i hope he will seek some help because this sort thing may happen again . rihanna hope things work for the better for you

2050 days ago


If CB had done this before and Rihanna stayed with him, that doesn't make her a ho, it makes her confused and vulnerable.

2050 days ago


You guys don' even know the whole story! you weren't in that car.

Plus he said he wasn't going to attend these functions so really...he dropped them.

2050 days ago


Kelly: or stupid

2050 days ago
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