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John McCain Wusses Out

2/11/2009 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And this guy wanted to be President? John McCain wouldn't take a stand on the basics of the economic stimulus package....

John McCain: Click to watch


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YEAH! So glad some people in DC aren't willing to sell our freedom for BIG government. It's too bad that three repubs ran as conservatives yet voted for socialism!

2044 days ago


funny how tmz apologizes to a koala bear but calls a well respected american war hero a wuss. You idiots probably think Obama is the Messiah too huh?

2044 days ago


ENOUGH!! with the dems are evil & the repubs are rascist thing. I'm a proud independent because i decided for my self who i was going to support. I do not vote by parties. They are just the governements way of dividing us. & for the last time Governer Palin was soooooooo not ready to be in the oval office.

2044 days ago


Like we really came out so good with Obama, he filled the staff with the same ole Washington people this is not change. The only difference between him and any other liberal democrat is he is half black. Stay on the road of freedom or go down the road to socialism, I would have choosen freedom but the lazy people who voted for Obama would rather have handouts from their precious Government. and working tax payers.

2044 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"Obama? It's Osama. Yes, is very funny and ironic our names are alike, no?"

2044 days ago


TO DEMOCRATS ARE EVIL. Poor loser! Democrats are evil? Republican retards are liars, warmongers, selfish, and adore the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity -- not to mention Ann Coulter (talk about evil). Republicans are the ones that hate America. They bitch and moan about the money its going to take to get this country back to where it once was before the Republicans put the ultimate Republican retard in Office - Bush. Funny that they never bitched and moaned about the 4 billion a month that the U.S. is spending on their war in Iraq. Just goes to show you how hypocritical and no-sense politics of the Republican sheeple.

2044 days ago

Left broken wing    

McCain has been trying to warn America about all the PORK that the democrats are hiding in this ridiculous PORKULOUS bill!! There is little in the bill that will create jobs or help America. Instead, the dems have snuck in things like billions for Acorn to continue their voter fraud, millions for prostitutiuon, $500,000,000 to re-sod the national mall, billions to continue the murderting of babies in their mother's wombs and so much more porkulous disgusting junk that we TAX PAYERS have no choice but to pay for this nonsense!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

2044 days ago

nikkis mom    

I did not vote for John McCain but I am appalled by the ignorance of TMZ. This man started in the early part of this century to sound the alarm about the economy. Barney Franks told him he was wrong and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were solvent.
This man has crossed party lines to work with democrats and was friends with Biden.
This man tried to fight the pork and the lobbyists and campaign spending and this WUSS held his head up high and did not betray his country. He gave everything to this country - except his life and he came damn close to that.


2044 days ago

Left broken wing    

TMZ should stick to what they do best like letting Americans know how stupid Jessica Alba is or what a woman beater Chris Brown is.

2044 days ago


22. funny how tmz apologizes to a koala bear but calls a well respected american war hero a wuss.

Yeah he was captured and put in a prison camp.......What a "HERO"? WTF You are a stupid idiot

2044 days ago


oh, give poor gramps a break...he's tired! it was 4:00 and he was getting ready for a quick early bird special before tottering off to bed!!!!

what do you expect, by HIS OWN ADMISSION, he knows NOTHING about the economy and its newfangled workings!! clearly NO repugs know a thing about BUILDING the economy, they just know their FAILURE "trickle-down economics" and tax cuts to billionaires! you were sold a line of crap, people, from reagan to dubya!!!

2044 days ago


Hahaha I just called TMZ and bitched someone out about this post. Seeing how NO ONE IN HOLLYWOOD STOOD UP FOR THE ABORTED BABIES except John McCain. Not one person said anything. What it boils down to is every person or celebrity in the public eye have to except everything the publlic does in fear of a fan backlash or lower ratings. They would go so low to forget all morals just for the rating and money. Thats why everyone in the public eye is liberal feeding the world there trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TMZ WOOOSIESSSSS OUT!

2044 days ago


It appeared to me that he was being a little sarcastically funny with the guy, but of course that wouldn't be a popular conclusion to come to with McCain, right?

2044 days ago

Sunny voted in a guy who can't walk the talk...and you rag on McCain?

Hypocrite Much?

2044 days ago


OK TMZ.......if you knew anything about John McCain (which I seriously doubt) you would know that he is not answering that question because he was against this stimulus package. He couldn't answer that question because he thinks it won't help!!!

2044 days ago
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