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Octuplet Mom

What a Tangled Web

She Weaves

2/11/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert Congress, because America's favorite food stamp assisted, artificially inseminated, unemployed, Jolie-lipped loon mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman, is looking for her very own bail out too ... from you!


Octopussy has created a website where people can make donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight biblically named rugrats via her Los Angeles publicist. Are press reps included in WIC?

Let's hope the crazy doc/womb raider who implanted Octomom with all fourteen of her kids makes a hefty donation. But, regardless, whether you donate or not, one thing's for sure: We all support her!


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I read her interview and some other articles. She paid for IV she says, from saving and working all the time, then came her disability checks which she used. She claims to use student loans to help raise her kids and then on top of that the estimated NICU bill 1.5-3 million is being submitted for Medi-Cal, I guess thats medicaid for CA. Sorry for those who live in CA.

2078 days ago


Left my message already on her page and they weren't words of encouragement I'll tell you that. What a dumb bitch!!

2078 days ago


WOW!!!! I think this is a FIRST!! EVERYONE ON TMZ BLOG AGREES!!! SHE' S A LEACHING LOSER!!!! she had more than just her lips done, now she needs her other lips fixed so she can strut again!!! what a SELFISH UGLY HUMAN BEING. POOR POOR KIDS.

2078 days ago


I understand her not wanting to do any selective deductions... but why did she even try for a 7th kid? It makes no sence. A woman who dos enot work, wants 7 kids? That alone is insane. I hope those children all get pulled from her, because it is such a shame, they will not grop up getting the attention they need from their parents with 13 others to compete with.

2078 days ago


And to add, she has 3 kids on disability 1 for autism, 1 for ADHD (didn't know this was eligible), and another for speech and what could be autism. Now her 8, some of those may have issues and she'll get disability for them. She also claims that for one or two of the kids the checks for them will stop in a couple months. Have you seen her place? how is she going to fit them all in that filthy house, let alone even get them all home though I doubt they will all leave the hospital at the same time. CA is in trouble as it is so this isn't good for the rest of us either.

2078 days ago


This woman, is an absolute nutjob!!!! Where in the he11, does she get the money to crank out 6 kids , get multiple upgrades on her (already) ugly mug face, and then go for another 8? The doctor responsible for this, should lose his licence. Bring back government sanctioned sterilization programs. She's a text book reason, as to why they should be implemented. Gawd...some women are so stupid. They are good at spreading their legs, but not much else!!!

2078 days ago


I left a comment and not a nice one.

I really think CPS needs to step in and save these children. As long as they are with her, they have no future. She just cares about what she can get for herself. She is crazy and needs to be locked away. Even her own mother knows that her daughter can not take care of these kids. Yes she has a degree and all, but that does not mean you get a well paying job, especially one with great insurance off the bat for 14 kids. During this entire event she has only cared about herself and not these poor kids. Of her 6 oldest, 3 have disabilities, that makes raising all 14 even harder. Her parents have had to work and support her and ALSO raise her kids, since she is not doing it. It is time her kids are given a real chance and she never sees them again until they are 18 and make that decision.

2078 days ago


Boy oh boy, I can't wait to hear Adam Carolla talk about this tomorrow morning. What a scammer!

2078 days ago

old news    

I'm not surprised, wasn't this the plan all along? Rack in the $$$ for the kiddies? I feel so sorry for the new ones, but more so for the 6 she already had that her poor parents have been supporting. Why would the rest of us want to support her and the decisions she made. But then again, whats going to happen to the babies if no one helps? Its a real quandry. I to think the so called doctor that implanted and encouraged this pregnancy should be held financially responsible for them and her.

2078 days ago


So this loser is already getting food stamps and disability payments for the first six kids. She has to be praying that some of the new eight have serious problems so that she can get increased payments. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

2078 days ago


I'd love to plant one in her. Just sayin.

2078 days ago


The media needs to stop giving this lunatic female human-dog press time and let her dig out of this mess with the sperm donor of all those children and her parents. A good start would be to send the entire family back to Iraq.

Of course, she's a scam artist and it was clear from the first interview with Ann Curry that she had cosmetic surgery (nose and lips) in an "attempt" to look like Angelina-Jolie and, also, has repeated the reproductive thing. There is something mentally wrong with her and, especially, to think she can free-load off of the system with the taxes paid by hard working Americans. Cut her from the dole now....

It is my opinion, that in vitro fertilization (ONE successful birth and pregnancy) should not be offered more than once by any doctor licensed through the AMA. This *itch has exploited every aspect of our social culture and all of those children should be put up for adoption since she, obviously, cannot afford to provide for (any) of them on her own without the Government's help. The doctor needs to have his licensed revoked and the clinic permanently shutdown!

2078 days ago


This is just insane, has anybody noticed that she has had plastic surgery also, plus everytime you see an interview with her her nails are also all done up. This is awful I cannot believe that this is allowed. Where do I sign up for the government assistance for plastic surgery and mani/pedi's

2078 days ago


They should take away the 8 Kids and give them to Couples who cant have kids and want and afford a family, ADOPTION so the kids will have a future ,not this LAME MOTHER,

2078 days ago


oh heck no...this chic is missing major screws! as a resident of california, i am beyond angry that i'm gonna be helping "support" HER 14 kids! get another doctor to remove her uterus!!!!!!!!!

2078 days ago
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